Sunday, January 27, 2013

さようなら Sayōnara Natsumi :(

I've had a busy week preparing for the departure of my darling Japanese student, Natsumi.  5 am came early Saturday morning, and we did just fine until I parked at the airport and popped the trunk to take out the luggage.  Then the waterworks began.  It's so hard to say goodbye to these kids you come to love.

Elly is not a crier.  Her nose remained a normal, non-red color. 

Damn Koreans!

After our final goodbye to Natsumi, Elly and I went for breakfast.  Then we did what all smart country folk do when in close proximity to the city shopping centres, we went shopping.

She picked up the floral Doc Martens that she'd ordered last month.  We visited The Body Shoppe (Mmmmmm!  So yummy smelling in there!), and I bought new facial products.  (And we greedily slathered our hands and arms with as many sample products as we could.)  We had ice cream from Laura Secord.  And as we were headed for the highway, my car automatically drove itself (and us) to Value Village where my sadness was assuaged by great bargains and stellar finds.

I found a gorgeous new soft and supple leather messenger bag by Danier ($19.99).  (These are usually $100 plus.)

I found a beautiful large Chinese bowl ($3.99) to go with my small collection of (what I call) miso soup bowls and spoons.  My repertoire of Asian recipes is growing all the time.
Some of you recall that I began collecting "Petals" tableware a few years ago.  (I call it cheap Fiestaware.)  I have to be patient when collecting "Petals" as they seem to be scarce as hen's teeth in eastern Canada.  But I was rewarded this weekend:  2 blue dinner plates for $1.99 and 2 orange dinner plates and 1 side plate for $2.99.
Anyone know where I can find bowls and mugs?

I picked up some interesting new books to share with the bookclub.  (Buy 4, get the 5th free = $12)

Then, we picked up the obligatory Starbucks and drove home; we were settled on the couch with a hot cuppa by 3 pm.

Later that night before I went to bed, I thought about my beautiful little Japanese girl and what a blessing she'd been to my life this past year.  

So I sent her a Facebook message telling her that Elly and I missed her already .... and I assured her that her slippers did NOT stink like she thought they did and that I felt better when I wore them.


Pamela Gordon said...

You sure find some great bargains at VV. The stuff here is so bad and maybe picked over before I get there but I haven't found anything lately. It sounds like you and Ellie had a fun time to help with the sadness of your girl returning home. Take care. Pam

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know how you do it with the students coming and going then just about the time you all really get to know each other. That would be very hard. Hope they keep in touch with you. As always you really have had some good bargains come your way. Value Village should pay you for being such a good advertisement for them. Sad to say we don't have any near here.


Sad to see your girl go home.
Daughter had a German exchange student for a few months and I was so sad when she left.
Love reading about your bargains and sad that I don't get any, probably because I'm not much of a shopper. I shop when I need something and then usually pay top price.
Blessings, Barb

Marissa said...

This post gave me tears..... It must of been so hard saying goodbye she is such a precious girl! Facebook makes it so much easier doesn't it?.. I hope y'all stay close! The last picture warmed my heart! you keep wearing her slippers if it makes you feel closer! loved this post!!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I know each girl takes a piece of your heart when they leave. They are truly blessed by your fun and hospitality.

As always...nobody tops your great bargains!!!

Have a blessed and beautiful week sweetie!!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Poor you - it is never fun to say goodbye. Was she with you for long? You did well in the bargain shopping.

Pondside said...

Goodbye is hard - but each of you has a little piece of the other in her heart.
Great buy at VV!