Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glorious weather we're having, eh?

When I woke, it was -1 Celsius (30 Farenheit) and there was frost on the car.  Brrrrrr!  I made sure to turn the heat up in the bathroom then made tea and boiled eggs and before I stepped in that shower.

By the time I left for work, it was up to 2 C (35.6 F), and the need to scrape the car windows was gone.

By lunch time, it's supposed to go up to a balmy 12 C (53.6 F). 

Tonight, we're back down to -7 C (19.4 F).  And the next few days, the daytime temperatures will fluctuate between 7 and 12 C (44 to 53 F) and nights will be frosty and cold.  We've been spared the snow that northern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have experienced.  But just to be safe, tomorrow I get my snow tires on. 

Wish I could say I creatively tied my
scarf; but on busy mornings,  it
simply gets slung around my neck!
Dressing becomes a combination of Fall and Winter clothing:  I can still get away with short-sleeved shirts and cardigans with my skirts; but boots, gloves and scarves are a necessity.  And happily, a lot of days, I can still wear wear my jean jacket if the scarf is wooly enough!  

It's wonderful yet so amazing that in mid-Nov ... in Nova Scotia ... we're still walking outside in shoes and jackets that don't make us look like we're the Michelin Man.  I love it!

My thoughts often wander to Christmas.  I love Christmas!  But these days, I'm always trying to come up with ideas on how to simplify and make it easier on myself but just as meaningful for the girls and I.  

For most families, I think that Christmas is full of family tradition and memory and so it's important to maintain that when you have children who will perhaps only get back home at this time of year. 

However, if you're like me, you're finding that your aging body and mind seeks simplicity and ease in life.  

I am open to all and any suggestions!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is that layering time of year because you never know what you are going to be facing in the span of 8 hours.

I also am attempting an easier Christmas this year. I am taking my family on a trip to NYC to make memories. Memories usually last longer than all those gifts I buy, wrap, and put under the tree. I am hoping for good weather and pray all turns out well because nobody will be able to take this present back.

Sweet Tea said...

This year we are striving to "Simplify" too. Five us live in our house. We are buying according to this rhyme.
"Something you WANT,
Something you NEED,
Something to WEAR,
and Something To READ".
*not original

Pamela Gordon said...

We've had great weather too, so far. It's going to be 9 and 10 here until Wednesday with sunshine and then a lot of rain on Monday. No snow on the ground here! May it continue.


You are lucky with your weather there. We've already had measurable snow here. I understand what you mean about simplifying the holiday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have had snow here too. I try to simplify the Christmas giving and am busy painting away. I'm doing a Christmas ornament for each of my 19 grand children and that is quite a job. With such a large family it's impossible for me to buy each a gift . So it's making gifts for me. I'm not sure this is simpler as it is a lot of work, but it is less expensive for sure.

Vivid said...

You have such a nice blog! I like it! : )