Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'll have a side order of stewed prunes please!

I went to my bathroom medicine cabinet the other night to get a bandaid, and as I was standing there looking for them, I became aware of something on the top shelf.  

The perfect solution when those boys "break bad"!
  • Preparation H.  
But gosh!  I was almost out of it!  So, I made a mental reminder to put it on my grocery list;  after all -- I wouldn't want to find myself in NEED and not have any.  

And then I thought:  What?  When did that become a staple in my household?

As I walked back to the bedroom and began to massage my night-time anti-wrinkle/anti-aging cream on my face and neck, I said to my jar:  "You aren't working, ya know.  You're letting me down".

Then sitting on the bed rubbing olive oil on my legs and feet to combat the cold weather dryness and itching that begins at this time of year, I internally grumbled at the "stuff" on my night table.

  • Reactin --  In case I come across someone who's wearing perfume or aftershave; if I can get it early enough, I won't develop a headache. 
  • Sinutab -- If the above doesn't work or the weather is damp.
  • Tylenol for migraines -- If I really get a doozie of a headache.
  •  Tums and Gavaston -- For the varying degrees of heartburn to acid reflux that I sometimes experience if I eat too much wheat or sugar.
 And there under the night table is the heating pad that I use for my back and shoulder pain.  

And if that doesn't work, I can go to the bin in my closet and find the Robaxasit.

Then I became afraid ................. very afraid.

"Holy Guac!"  I thought!  "How old am I?" 
"When did this all that STUFF happen?" 

This is what aging does to you.  The ailments happen little by little; and before you know it, the pharmacy aisle in your local grocery store doesn't get bypassed like it used to.  

And then .... one day ... before you know it ... you're discussing your ingrown toenails over coffee with your friends and younger people are becoming afraid to say "How are you?" after they say hello.  EEEK!

But no, I haven't gotten that bad yet.  Although we may discuss favorite brands of pain medication, we also discuss this season's hot clothing styles and our current favorite color lipstick.  I'm not ready for the glue factory yet.

Why, I'll have you know that most people think I'm 5 years younger than what my actual age is.  I've still got most of my teeth, I can manage a boogie for up to 5 minutes without putting my hip out 

I can still fit into the earrings I used to wear in high school!

I ain't dead yet, by's; and I ain't goin' down without a fight.


Ginger said...

Hi Sandy, I just found your fun blog via Hostess of the Humble Bungalow and you had written in a comment to Hostess that you have a favorite bread pudding recipe you and your little ones enjoy. Could you be so kind to share that recipe please? I adore a creamy sweet bread pudding and would love to learn how to bake one myself! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to reading more of your sweet and funny observations of life. Thank you in advance! Ginger

TJR said...

Sooo true. My allergy meds line up next to my migraine meds... and are making room for the stomach issue pills as I get gas more and more often.

Cranberry Morning said...

As they say, 'aging ain't for sissies.' LOL Yeah, hey, I can fit into my high school earrings too. Yea!

Furry Bottoms said...

Believe me, I have a box of medicine I wish I could do without. Aging isn't as graceful as they say. I have a liverspot or as they say, a brown spot on my cheek in plain view of the world! And I am only 42! But... I just have to ask. Olive oil? Really? You put olive oil on your legs before you go to bed? Does it work? No I've never heard of doing that. I think I am learning something new. Doesn't it stain the sheets? I have dryness and dry cracks etched in my fingertips that I am embarrassed about. Would olive oil help that? Hmmm

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh how true this is Sandy. When I look at the medicine cabinet some days I just think....how did I get to this spot in my life already! We used to joke about all the meds our mother had to take. Ha. Now we've turned into our mother. Keep on dancing I say!

Lynn Marsh said...

LOL. Thanks for the chuckle.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Life has become "better living through chemistry."


Been there, doing the same thing. Totally understand.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love this post ! My earrings still fit too!

Barb said...

Sandy, You crack me up! I'm actually trying to take less meds as I age, not more. However, the wrinkle creams aren't working for me. I think they stopped when I hit 65! I don't want anyone to guess may age anymore - they might add 5 years! Stay well!

sabine said...

LOL, your post lighten my day Doris!
My high school earrings are still matching too, yeah!

Terra said...

Yes, you are seeing the funny side of aging and all the remedies we are collecting. I can see you are still young and vibrant since your earrings from high school still fit perfectly. LOL

Anu Varma said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by My Dream Canvas. Yes, tweaking is such a common thing now that I wonder what is actually real :) Good luck with your basement!! Thanks for stopping by Sandy!