Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Winsome Wednesday

  1. attractive or appealing in appearance or character.

    "a winsome smile"

Yes, I once was a somewhat shallow individual who judged people on their appearance before I'd even become aware of their character. Such is the folly of youth. But as I've aged, not only did I begin to learn that character is so much more desirable but it became more and more evident as I myself began to lose my looks, figure and agility. Aging is one of the greatest teachers of humility and living through the enviable hardships of life is one of the greatest builders of character.

Peace and serenity are the desires of my heart these days. I have found that I more quickly accept those enviable hardships when they come as being part of life and no longer rally about how unfair life can be. I forgive more quickly; I accept differences more readily; I seek out those places of calm during the storm that have sustained me in the past; and I'm constantly looking for new ways to maintain that peace of mind. (My Spidey senses tingle when I come across some new method to try, so I'm always open to what could be interesting, hopefully fun and sometimes even weird ways to cope and/or grow. Whatever works and doesn't hurt others!)

Physical health is deeply connected to mental health, and I want to achieve the best health I can at this time of my life. So, after the initial fear that I often feel when life's shit-storms happen, I'll say to myself: "No Sandy! You can do nothing about this right now, so put that worry aside and enjoy life." Does this pep talk work? Always! It's not always instantaneous, but through practice and prayer over many, many, many trials and tribulations, I can usually find the oasis in the desert. 

All that deep, contemplative stuff aside, this does NOT mean that I don't still try to look winsome aka appealing in appearance. (The vanity's not been entirely knocked out of me by life yet!) So, I put on my makeup, style my hair, color coordinate my outfits, and try to look as current as possible without being "mutton dressed as sheep" and while still letting ME shine through. 

Today is a lovely sunny, warm day again here in western Newfoundland. And I'm meeting old school buddies for an extended lunch, one of whom I haven't seen in 42 years! I'm so excited! 

We'll be sitting at an outside deck under an umbrella overlooking the beautiful Bay of Islands. 

I decided to wear my beige and navy cotton tunic from Papillion, navy 3/4 leggings, and navy Naot sandals. (Even my Dr Who phone cover is coordinated, hahaha!) 

I added a couple of bracelets and a pair of my favorite gifted earrings, handmade down to the blown-glass beads (Katherine Gordon of LaHave NS)

I'm comfortable, casual, coordinated and, I believe, age appropriate ..... for the mature weirdo that I am!

'Cause that's what it's all about: us being us! 


sabine said...

That's a great post Sandy! Have a wonderful time with your buddies and enjoy every minute. You look fabulous in your summer dress.


you look lovely. have a wonderful time with your friends. enjoy.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Aging teaches us so much and we are the better for it. Experience is the best teacher.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We certainly do change as we age. The important things in life mean more and more. Enjoy the day with your friends!

Linda said...

I am the same. I just like to look like I have not lost all sense of pride in appearance.