Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The View from Marble

I'm in fairly good shape: a little overweight but fit enough to hike 8-10 km, run after my grandchild, and dance several hours (with or without music!) But at this stage in my life, I know that I'm slowly losing my agility and ability. So when my hiking group said they were hiking Marble Mountain, I thought "I must go! Heaven knows if my body can wait another year." 

The Mountain itself is a popular skiing resort, but hiking, zip lining and swimming above the falls are all popular summertime activities. The climb to the top of the ski hill's highest peak is about 1,800 ft ...... and we climbed further and higher to the radar doppler. AND wouldn't you know, it was a really, really hot day to climb. Oh dear! What a bunch of dorks!

There were about 11 of us who started together, everyone going at their own pace. Two of us (and our wobbly knees) acted as caboose, not reaching the summit for 30 min after the first long-legged ones got there -- our 2 hr to their 1.5 hr. But what a magnificant climb! The beginning was through the woods over rocks and tree roots, but the greater portion of it was done on a steep, rocky service road with narry a bit of shade to be found.

In no time, we were at the wooden stairs and the lookouts. There were people ziplining over the falls when we reached one of the lookoff points. Right at the top of the falls (your far right), there's a deep, recessed pool; and there must have been over a dozen young people swimming. It sure looked good to us on our way back down the mountain, hot and sweaty as we were!

And there was such an abundance of wild flowers -- Yarrow, Bog Orchids, Ox-Eye Daisies -- as well as wild strawberries (about 3-4 days from perfection), raspberries and these little dew berries -- tart and so refreshing. At one spot about 3/4 of the way up, there were butterflies everywhere. It was so beautiful.
Fire Weed & Devil's Paintbrush

My hiking companion and I took lots of water breaks and would often stand in the ditch to get out of the sun. Half way up at the top of a few of the ski trails, this was our view:
We are looking down towards Steady Brook along the Humber River heading north to Deer Lake.

"Hey! What took you so long?"

Finally .... after many more rest and water stops, we reached the top. What a feat for my feet! Our companions were waiting for us, already finished their lunch and some of them actually on their way back down. But there were a few of us to savor the view. 

Cheese and pickle on rye never tasted so good!

And here I am looking down on the Humber River andCorner Brook in the background. WOW!

The climb down was, of course, much easier. And the iced capp and honey crueller at Tim Horton's at the bottom helped revive our energies. Next time though, I think I'll wait until Autumn to climb so far.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You were right in thinking to take that hike now. I know I'd never make it. Age does make a difference. What a beautiful view !

DUTA said...

Kudos to you for the hike! It is a great personal achievement and a wonderful adventure!

Your post reminds me that I've recently climbed, after getting off the mountain bus, some 250 meter only(no hard pysical effort despite my age) to reach one of Vitosha mountain's peaks called Aleco Hut (rising at 1890 m). The top peak, the summit of this mountain surrounding the capital of Bulgaria, is called Cherni Vrah (2290 m). It was Sunday and people were having picnics on the mountain while looking down at panoramic views of the city. Beautiful.


congrats on completing the hike top to bottom. what a spectacular view.

Jack Tyler said...

Good for you! Beautiful pictures, inspirational text, and a clear message to do what you can before you aren't able any more. I'll be sharing this with my writing group this morning. I hope it brings you a little more traffic, this richly deserves it.

All the best to you in all things always!