Monday, August 28, 2017

"Havin' a Toime" at the Cabin

This past weekend (an extra long one for me) was chock full of fun. So much so, that I need to rest and live a totally boring life for at least a week! I'm not as young as I used to be! Let me tell you about my time at "the cabin".

Newfoundlanders love their weekend retreats - cabins, cottages, sheds, whatever. Lots of people go the usual route: buy a piece of land on a lake, build a cabin, fill it full of hand-me-downs and go there every weekend with the family and friends. But even the poor can have a "cabin" here in NL. If you've got a dwelling, a tent to pitch or a vehicle that has enough room for you to sleep in, then you've got a ready made "cabin". Just take practically any of the many woods or logging roads, find a spot (where there's preferably at least there's one other human), and there ya go! Set up your camp! If the logging companies don't want you on that particular piece of land, they'll not only let you know you aren't allowed, but they'll also show you where you can pitch your tent! Amazing huh, that there are still places like this in the world.

Anyway, my sister's "cabin" is an old travel trailer that's not roadworthy any longer but has certainly got lots of dry, weather-proof life left in her. We packed some food, drink and both cool and warm clothing, and off we went shortly after supper. 10 km off the highway -- past I don't know how many other side logging roads -- we finally reached our home for the next 2 nights. 

The logging companies clear cut areas in NL, leaving the birch trees and the brush where they are. This leaves the area looking like some sort of alien landscape or post-apocalyptic scene. It's quite sad really while at the same time quite beautiful in it's starkness. 

Important things first: make a fire in the pit outside, put the fresh corn on to boil, and make our beds. Then the fun could begin. 

The nights are chilly here in NL. But Linda always has extra hats and woods jackets on hand. We wouldn't win any best-dressed titles, but we were warm, watered and fed, the fire was crackling, the ancient radio was doing the same, and we danced in front of the flames. (Well, maybe that was only me.)

The next day dawned bright, sunny and warm. We took a drive to Pinchgut Lake for ice cream and a short walk round. We drove down several alien roads looking for moose which are usually plentiful. And on our return trip, we chased a caribou. Well, actually we were following him as he had to wait for the right spot to get off the road onto the scrub land and he refused to "pull over" and let us pass. Poor little guy!

Some favorite Newfie sayings.
Friday evening round the fire was cut somewhat short because of rain. But white wine, cheesies and a good book were just fine in the trailer.  We were home before 1 pm Sat afternoon; and even though I had a wonderful time, how good it is to sleep in one's own bed, huh! 


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

We all need a good adventure and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Getting together with your sister had to make it twice as nice.


sounds like a wonderful outing. love all those sayings. do you have a favorite?

DUTA said...

I usually say to myself and to others, that we all need "a change of scenery" from time to time. Any scenery is OK ( Tour Eiffel or a trailer in the woods) as it charges our energies, it clears our minds, it makes us smile.
Glad you're on the right track from this point of view.

Cheapchick said...

Damn, you must be Canadian. White wine and cheezies, any decent Canuck's go to munchies. So much so that when we go to Europe we take the mini cheezie packs (the ones you can give away at Halloween) with us for snacks. It sounds lovely to me :) I wish we could do that on Vancouver Island