Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend's hike took place in Gros Morne, our amazingly beautiful national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Park is full of hiking trails, from flat, easy walks to Gros Morne mountain itself (which we have on our agenda for the fall)

After Marble Mountain last weekend, this time we choose 2 fairly easy hikes with only slight elevations, ate lunch in between and dinner together afterwards. 

The first leg of our hike was Lomand River. It was a lovely day, not too hot with a slight breeze. We walked 6 km (about 2 hr) along a very pretty woodland path surrounded by ferns, wildflowers and lots of berries. We saw moose footprints and bear droppings, but our chattering group of 7 kept them at bay. At one point, we walk along the Lomand River; and we stopped for a picture at the river with the mountains on the other side. 

The last leg of this 1st hike took us through a well-known children's camp (Killdevil) and down the road to Lomand Campgrounds and the trail for our 2nd hike Stanleyville. At the campgrounds, we stopped for lunch, much needed rest and, thankfully, flush toilets! Hurrah!
Hot, sweaty and happy!
What a view!

The 2nd leg of our hike was a fairly steep climb up, a little flat terrain and then down again (which was then repeated in reverse order for our return). And despite the warnings of a bear in the area, we didn't see any scat on this trail. Just more beautiful flora and fauna and, of course, the wonderful smell of spruce trees. 

The Stanleyville hike was 4 km (1.5 hr), and we were all a little slower on this leg, especially with the elevations. In the early 1900's, Stanleyville was a small logging town but has been deserted for more than 80 years. There was never a road into Stanleyville; everything happened by boat. Park authorities placed a couple of Adirondack chairs on the beach which changes every year due to winter storms; and because of a pool of standing water, the black flies were brutal! So, despite the beauty all around us, we didn't stay too long ...........

..... just long enough to have a rest, and dip our toes in the water. 

Once back at the cars, we said goodbye to two and the remaining five of us drove into the picturesque town of Woody Point for dinner on the deck at the Merchant Warehouse & Retro Cafe. The fish and chips were delicious and the beer ice cold. Ahhhhh!

It was a long day -- we left at 9:30 from Corner Brook and didn't return until just before 8 pm. But what a day it was. Another lovely hiking experience with the group. 


Cheapchick said...

That looks like a fun day and a fabulous way to end it with dinner on the water. Looks like you are fitting right into life there

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Moose and bear sightings and black flies and you still had a good time. It is always about the people we are with that determines how good a day it will be and by the smile on your face, I can see that it was a very successful, fun time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As I no longer hike much at all,it was wonderful to see your pictures. Of course I've never been in your neck of the woods it gave me to see some sights I'd never other wises see. Thanks for taking us along on your hike. You do live in a beautiful area. It's a blessing to be able to enjoy the great outdoors!

sabine said...

Wonderful pictures, dear Sandy! For me it sounds curious and a bit scary to know that a bear might be so near.

DUTA said...

Very good photos of a very well spent day!


Sounds heavenly.

Vonlipi said...

that sounded like a great hike! so cool

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thank you for your lovely everyone. And as for a bear in the area: these are black or brown bears which are certainly not as dangerous as say a Grizley or Polar bear. When you walk through the woods, you go in groups and talk so they get scared off. They don't want to encounter you either!