Friday, January 26, 2018

Pondering 'n' Planning

Now that I'm a free and swinging bachelorette living the good (???) life here in Newfoundland, my weekends are my own to ponder upon and make plans. I have lots planned for my wild weekend!

Just like that time in Narnia, it's eternal winter here. So, there's not too far I can wander in sub zero temperatures. But it calls for actually sunshine tomorrow, so I'm excited to try out my daughter's snowshoes -- I've never snowshoed before. This is how I envision my snowshoe journey: I will walk up a very steep hill to reach the old railway line; pant and groan for a few minutes, clutching heart; spend several more minutes cursing (and appologizing to God) as I put the snowshoes on. I will begin to walk: lift leg high, put leg down, lift other leg, put leg down, go 2 more steps, fall on face, cuss, get up ..... and repeat this "walk" until I get to where the trail meets my back yard. Then I shall attempt to traverse the deep, deep snow in the back yard rather than go back the way I came. (I shall have the landlords watching for my return and provide them with plenty of rope in case they find me neck deep in said snow.) And that's the first part of what I call a good time.

As part of trying to curb my evening munching, I spent last night denying myself a slice of toast with peanut butter (as evening eating interferes with my sleep as well as being able to fit into my pants). I was successful in this denial only by pondering what was on the menu for my weekend gorgefest. 

Yum! Homemade burgers and home fries for tonight. And I have homemade carrot muffins with cream cheese icing. And I used the last of my sour cream and cream cheese to make a delicious Epicure Oregano/Chili dip last night .... which will be really good with those new light, crispy tortilla chips I bought. Then there were visions of teriyaki salmon with fluffy Japanese rice. And another mocha latte with biscotti (after all that snowshoeing). And did I see a Lindt chocolate bar tucked away in the china cabinet? And on Sunday, I'll make a big pot of spicy chili to go with my planned cornbread. OMG! My mouth is watering!

Does anyone else wax poetic in their minds about anticipated food?

Or am I just 6 cats short of being completely hopeless?


Barbara said...

Hahaha. I think food does become a major source of enjoyment as we have time to think about it instead of just getting supper eaten so we can wash up and get to bed. I don't cook much anymore so I really research and think about easy, but delicious, meals.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say that I do eat more and cook more in the wintertime. Comfort food calls my name. I give you credit for ever thinking about snow shoes let alone getting out in the white stuff. Your dinner and snacks sound wonderful!

Jeanie said...

Before I forget, thank you for coming to Marmelade Gypsy and your comments on my post about the Nassar/gymnastics trial. I so admire your work with the women's shelter. That's important work and I thank you for it.

Now, about that winter! I was moaning and groaning because yesterday Michigan had six inches of snow. Then I looked at your profile and you are in Newfoundland (my partner Rick wants to ride his bicycle from Michigan to Newfoundland -- last year he made it to Quebec City.) Well, when I saw that I thought, "Just you thank your lucky stars that you had a big January thaw, even if the snow came later!"

And, if you are six cats short of hopeless on the anticipated food, you are not alone!

~ jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy