Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rx = Sunshine

Yes, my friends, I did try snowshoeing this weekend. And no, I did not fall as anticipated.  But I decided to snowshoe at Margaret Bowater Park rather than on the trail as I was visiting my Dad and it was on the way. It was a gorgeous sunny day!

I had no trouble putting on my showshoes. I tromped around and got comfortable with them -- made sure I could walk without falling down. But as I started on the trail, quite a few people passed me coming the other way; and I found that the trail was so well trodden, that snowshoes weren't necessary. I didn't want other people to have to dodge my wider 'n' longer than normal feet! So, I went back to the car and took them off in favor of a 'walk' in the park.

Glenmill Inn in the distance.

It was so beautiful! The deeper I walked in the forest, the quieter it became; I stopped and sat on a snowy bench before I began the mostly uphill climb back. All I could hear was the Corner Brook stream bubbling past me and several birds chirping. And I must have scared a tiny squirrel because he sure scared me when he suddenly began loudly screaming at me to move on. 

Back in the car and on my way to my dad's house, I grabbed a quick lunch snack -- something that I haven't had since early December -- a large order of french fries.  

Then as I drove along the Humber River, mountains on either side of me, sun streaming from the Heavens, happily munching fries, I listened to Newfie music on Uncle Tom's Shed, a weekend local music program. As we say here on The Rock, "Sure I was only in da car and I was already havin' a toime!"

Sometimes, a little sunshine is just what the doctor ordered. It was a real boost for me, and I can approach the rest of winter with a bit more of a spring in my step. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a really pretty place for a walk. Glad you got a sunny day. Sunshine makes a lot of difference! Spring in your step and stepping toward Spring seem to go together !

Connie said...

I've never had on a pair of snowshoes. My daughter and granddaughters all have them and love going for winter nature walks. I'm so afraid of falling in the winter and at my age that might be a wise fear. Your photos are lovely and I applaud your bravery.
Have a wonderful day.
Connie :)

Toni said...

Beautiful scene for a walk. I'm not sure I could walk in snow shoes. I just take my nice twisty walking stick (and my Medicare card, just in case!)


what a lovely place for a walk. sunshine, fresh air. Who could ask for anything more.

Barbara said...

Great that you had the chance to use the snowshoes when you were not in a desperate, gotta make it work situation. And yes, getting out of our habitat and into the sun can do a lot to recharge our souls.