Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

Being alone on Valentine's Day has never been an issue for me; and the only complaint I have about it is the over-commercialization of the day. Oh yeah! One more complaint:  you can't get a table at a restaurant! 

Things I love about Valentine's Day:

  1. A perfect excuse to wear pink or red anything and everything. I'm a big fan of monochrome, but it's usually blues. Today, I'm wearing a tunic in grey 'n' white with red accents, black leggings, my red beaded chandelier earrings, bright red lipstick and red patent leather shoes. 
  2. Red food! I think it's kind of fun that on this particular day, I get to jazz up my meals by seeing how many redish foods I can incorporate. Tonight is salmon with white rice, tomato salad and a red velvet cupcake for dessert.  
  3. Phone calls from loved ones living far ..... and near. Extra love in my voice and an extra "I love you" thrown in.
  4. Self-love is an important part of my lifestyle. It keeps me healthy, cheerful, optimistic and sane. This evening, I shall love myself with some gentle yoga, an epsom salts bath and some Netflix.  (Further self love will be shown this weekend after #5 below!)
  5. Tomorrow! EVERYONE loves February 15th because that's the day all the Valentine's chocolate goes on sale! Yummy!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.


Jeanie said...

I couldn't agree more. Except about the chocolate. Unless the M&Ms go on sale, I can give that one a pass!

Kay G. said...

I made Rice Krispie Treats, but with Corn chex because it is gluten free! Also, I put some chopped up candied cherries on top....oh my, they are FANTASTIC!! I MIGHT even let my husband have some! LOL!
Hey! Thanks for becoming a new follower of mine! Much appreciated!
I STILL have to do my post about my breathing problems, I will link to you when I do!! xxx


Had to chuckle about all the candy going on sale. Tis true.