Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Church in the Woods

Contrary to what even I believed before I moved back to NL, most Newfoundlanders hate winter! Won't move out of the house because "It's too cold". "Well, it's winter!" I reply! So, in my attempt to Vitamin D myself as much as possible, I do my weekend wanderings alone.

Starting on Friday, I did a visit to my local Salvation Army store to buy more stuff that I don't need (but make me happy): like these great black flats for $5 and two new scarves at $1 each. 

My "steal of a deal" was this Le Creuset butter dish for $1. (If it hadn't been red, I would have left it on the shelf. But I do love red accents!) 

The next day as I was window-shopping at Winners, I came across the same butter dish for $24.95. Good deal, Sandy!

 I spent lots of time watching Netflix - a Xmas gift from my daughter and fiance. So much fun! Oh the joys of "Stranger Things", "The Crown" and "Hinterland"! I had a bottle of sparkling wine in my refrigerator since Xmas that was waiting for my sister to visit. It actually travelled across the Gulf with me from Nova Scotia. So, I reasoned that as it was early Saturday afternoon and I'd be home cleaning and puttering, I could certainly manage to drink the bottle over the course of the day. 

It was a most delicious bottle of wine! I can't wait to enjoy it again sometime. It had a delicious deep, rich, raspberry flavor to it. And as I wrote in my Instagram post, it was "sparkling, full-bodied and slightly bitter ..... not unlike the person drinking it!" 

Went down a treat as they say across the pond.

But my favorite part of the whole weekend was my sunny Sunday walk at Margaret Bowater Park again. I reversed my loop round Glenmill Inn Pond this time. It had snowed Saturday and the path was not as well trodden as the week before. But it was still very passable. I found this very patriotic boot print on one section of the path. Yay Canada! 

Then as I just passed the half-way point, I stopped to rest on a park bench. On my left side was the sound of the Corner Brook stream and the birds (so lovely). And on the right side of me, I could hear organ music from First United Church (even more lovely). I sang along with the hymn and communed with God there in the woods, thanking him for the beautiful day, my legs and lungs, and the latte waiting for me at the end.



Sandi said...

"I sang along with the hymn and communed with God there in the woods, thanking him for the beautiful day, my legs and lungs, and the latte waiting for me at the end."



what great finds you found. love those scarves. and the flats and the butter dish. how wonderful to be in the great outdoors and hear the church music so you could sing.

Susan said...

Simple pleasures, wonderful.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is not always easy to push ourselves out into the cold, even though it is sunny. Good for you and it sounds like you had a lovely day. This is such a nice, positive post.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so much braver that I with getting out doors. I stay in and keep warm for the most part. It is the simple joys in life that do make us happy.

Barbara said...

I sometimes go to Church on TV. Church in the woods sounds heavenly. You could list your butter dish on Ebay or some such place and make a little bit on your dollar.

Kay G. said...

Next time you go shopping, take me! Lovely buys.
Church in the woods, I totally understand, it is all God Made!

Polly said...

You found some nice bargains, I particularly like the scarves. I watch a lot of Netflix and have seen "Stranger Things" and "The Crown" which I really enjoyed.

Jeanie said...

I just realized I wasn't following you -- so now I am! And I love this post -- a church in the woods. What a wonderful way to spend a little break time on your jaunt... walk? skis? snowshoes? No matter!

I would have snatched that butter dish in a heartbeat.