Friday, February 16, 2018

The Corner Brook Winter Carnival 2018

Tonight is the start of our 47th annual winter carnival and a first for me. Monday is a day off in Newfoundland as well -- a "floater" that seems to be Family Day throughout most of Canada. I received a schedule of events in my mailbox the other day and thought I'd have a look through to see if there is anything I really want to attend. 

Tonight there's a Torch Light Parade with the Mayor from City Hall to Margaret Bowater Park with fireworks, music and snacks provided. I thought I'd get my weekly hike in that way. 

A lot of events are things that take place at most any winter carnival. But Newfoundland does have a few events that you won't find anywhere else. Rugged Edge Snowmobile Group  is planning a ride to the Shiver Shack where they'll have a "mug up" -- a meal of tea and bread and molasses or jam -- as well as live traditional NL music. 
Mug Up
Top of Marble Mtn

[Similar to the mug up is a "boil up" (pronounced 'bile up'); this meal is usually more substantial (tea, bread, baloney, beans, bacon, eggs, etc) cooked on an outdoor open fire anywhere in NL. And I mean ANYWHERE - the woods, a beach or even a stop at a gravel pit along the side of the road.
Some good "scoff", my son!

And I couldn't help but smile at some of the many, many luncheons and dinners taking place next week featuring names that you'd probably never hear of anywhere else but NL:

*For those of you who perhaps feel that the seal industry is cruel and unnecessary, I'd implore you to really look at the seal industry in northern Canada as it happens today and not just take the word of those against the seal hunt. Newfoundlanders are not only very proud of their heritage and traditions, but we also work very hard to keep those traditions alive. We hunt humanely and utilize every part of the animal. The cost of living here is one of the highest in Canada, and jobs and industry are few; hunting and recreational fishing are part of how people here feed their family. It truly is a way of life here. 

I haven't made up my mind how much of carnival I'll partake of. But the Fish and Brewis Dinner as well as the Jiggs Dinner are both calling my name. 
Jiggs Dinner 

Fish and Brewis w/ Scrunchins'

The Carnival Committee certainly don't have to worry about snow: we've plenty of that! But some sunshine sure would be nice, Lord!

Enjoy your weekend.


sabine said...

That sounds great and promises a lot o fun!
Have a wonderful weekend Sandy

Jeanie said...

It looks like such fun! I haven't been to a good carnival in ages. And the food looks delicious! Don't forget to take photos and share them with us!

Kay G. said...

What a wonderful post! It makes me hungry! I will send you our sunshine, it will be 80 today!