Monday, April 6, 2009

Crosses and Bunnies

Easter is coming up this weekend. I love this holiday. I love it because it embodies the greatest sacrifice ever made and the greatest celebration one can be a part of. Imagine! All your sins forgiven and the gift of everlasting life because you believe in Jesus Christ. Imagine! A life full of love and promise and hope and joy; all because you surrender yourself to the work of the Holy Spirit. Imagine! Someone who loves you so much that He accepts you just as you are -- with all your foibles and hangups and mistakes -- and that same someone, a wonderful Father, who lovingly gives you the ability to each day become more like that perfect being that He sees when He looks at you.

Spring and Easter go hand in hand. And my feelings about Spring and the life and hope and freshness and sense of anticipation that go along with it are all emcompassed in this one weekend and what it means to me as a Christian. (The hot cross buns and chocolate eggs and family gathering are an extra added bonus to the weekend!)



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am rejoicing with you this Easter for sure. Our loving Lord has given us the wonderful gift of everlasting life. Spring is all about the resurrection. Looking all around us are the miracles of new birth and new life. 'On Ya'-ma

Connie said...

He is risen, indeed!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I look forward to browsing your blog when I get a moment.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Doris, What a beautiful post. I hope tons of people read it! :) I was tickled to have you visit my blog and hope you'll visit often. I have 2009 Christmas gifts under my bed too. I actually bought some more today. There are bargains out there right now. I also bought some hyacinths for my Easter table. They smell soooo good. Hope you are having a lovely week. Spring is coming your way I promise. ~ Lynn

Carrie said...

Lovely post! Yes, Easter is a special time to contemplate the Christ's life.

My post tomorrow for ABC's of the Word is themed on God's love in providing a Savior.

The Pink Owl said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on today's post! You may certainly quote me and I appreciate your asking! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Easter! Love your blog!