Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Body Talk

Dear Back,

Look -- I know we worked hard together last weekend! I thought we made a good team; I thought we were buddies. So then, why did you wait until yesterday to tell me that Saturday was too much. That was really dum of you, you know. 'Cause I'd have rested on Sunday if I'd thought you really wanted to; all you had to do was just tell me. But nooooo!

And don't go saying that I should have known better. You know very well that I'm very forgetful about things like not being able to do what I used to do. So, don't go blaming me! All you had to do was speak up earlier, we'd be feeling just fine now! Oh! You're so stuborn!!

AND -----

Dear Wrists,

Perhaps you've forgotten. But the last time you brought your little friend, Carpal Tunnel, to visit, I believe I made it perfectly clear that he wasn't welcome. Not only does he do nothing but ache all day, he has the nerve to make me wear those silly looking arm bands at night. It's just the epitome of rudeness. Leave, and leave now!!!


Dear Bum:

Did you have to get so big. You used to be so nice and petite and round; and you always knew your place. But now -- well, you're just ALL OUT THERE and you're kind-of HANGING DOWN THERE. And to be perfectly frank, NO, I don't find those dimples cute at all!

Oh my! Is it any good to talk to you guys?

Pass the chocolates please!


Rhondi said...

Hi Doris
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's nice to meet you. Your post today gave me a good laugh!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know that feeling well...

Mrs. Mac said...

I read your comment about white noise at my blog. I can see why you'd want to have your double fan running with a noisy neighbor. We moved from the city to the country ... but our house is noisy on the inside and my family only likes their own noise (music, etc.). Your blog has a good dose of my type of humor (self inflicted ;) I'll be back.

Literary Nut said...

Okay...that was just too much fun! I couldn't stop chuckling! Hope you have a great day and that you're able to convince those guys that it's rude to bring unexpected friends to the party!

Cassie said...

Hi Doris! Thanks for stopping by Junk-Fest...welcome! Love your moniker! And this post was pretty funny too....amazing how or bodies don't keep up with our minds, isn't it?

bernthis said...

Hey welcome to my blog. I recently wrote a letter to my shins. Unbelievable. Dont' they know who is the boss?

Doris the Great said...

Thank you for your great comments!

musingwoman said...

Chocolate makes everything better!

Drowsey Monkey said...


All very sensible ... not sure why the body parts are being so difficult!

Doris the Great said...

I'm just over the top knowing that my aching,sagging,aging body has been such a wonderful source of amusement to so many of you out there! In spite of age and physical condition, my body has found a new use! It's grand!!

And yes, musingwoman, you are absolutely right. Chocolate makes everything better -- except one's thighs, of course!