Tuesday, May 12, 2009


10 Favorite Places to Shop

1. Home Sense - No need for explanation, is there? Just pure ahhh and ohhh!

2. Winners -
Wonderful purse selection, great housewares and linens!

3. Reitman's - Fashionable, moderately priced duds in my size.
4. The Body Shop - Sweet "n" smelly "n" earth friendly!

5. Superstore - What can I say! I'm a big fan of food! Plus they have some nice clothes, great home furnishings and a wicked gardening centre.

6. The local farmer's market - A great selection of produce, flowers, homemade baked goodies, crafts et al; sometimes with entertainment included!

7. LaHave Bakery (in LaHave [my former home] on the south shore of Nova Scotia) - This is an awesome store with the best breads & sweets [real butter, farm fresh eggs, organic flour]; a great lunchtime menu and Saturday brunch. They also have a summer craft co-op, a hostel & you can sit by the LaHave River & watch the sailboats. "Homegrown Skateboards" [the owner's son] operates upstairs. Check it out when you visit Nova Scotia; it's in Canada's "Where to Eat" guide.

8. Value Village - I especially love their 50% off days. I am not cowed by large masses of smelly people all in search of the utimate bargain! With my deep intuititive sense and my "chee", I am one with the crowd! I am a victorious warrior!

9. Frenchies - A FABULOUS thrift store .... but sorry! Only in the Maritimes!

10. YARD SALES! I adore buying other people's crap! [A change is as good as a rest???]

So --- What's your Favorite 10?


Dani said...

Target! I feel like I can buy just about everything at that store. I end up buying way more than I should (and stuff I don't need) when I go there. I also love used book stores.. and for clothes I have to go with H&M.

Doris the Great said...

Yes, I wish we had a Target. I hear great things about that place.

wendy said...

There were alot of stores there that I don't have here in Utah. I'd love to see them though. I love most stores that are unique to the city ---not chains. Especially when it comes to resturants and bookstores.

musingwoman said...

Anywhere that has affordable things I like. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

I haven't been in a Frenchie's since I moved from Antigonish!

BTW, I love Maritime beers ... I ONLY drink Keiths!