Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 is Enough

8 Things I did this past week:

1. Used an electric powersaw and chopped down, de-limbed and
stacked mouchous trees!
2. Walked roughly 5 km later that same day (because of sick car)
3. Ate lobster & potato salad (it was worth the long walk)
4. Ached all over for 5 days afterward
5. Vowed to be more attentative to my aging body from now on
6. Purged items from my winter wardrobe and moved it to the spare room
7. Re-discovered my summer wardrobe and moved it to my closet (It was like greeting old friends)
8. Finally found a beautiful aqua cardigan to add to my summer wardrobe

8 Things I Have to Look Forward To:

1. Crawling into my comfy bed after this blog
2. Reading my book until Masterpiece Theatre comes on (Dickens' "Great Expectations")
3. Getting my sick car fixed this week so we can take a day trip to the beach very soon
4. A massage with Eva this week
5. Doing my morning and evening inspections of the garden to see how "the children" are growing
6. Getting out into the garden again next weekend
7. Yard sales!!! (The season is upon us)
8. Mother's Day next Sunday when my girlies will give me presents and cook for me

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Not have to work full time
2. Hire a full-time masseuse (male, aged 28, named Sven!!)
3. Have all my girls living within driving distance
4. Bring their dad back to them
5. Be able to visit my parents in Newfoundland at least once a year
6. Enjoy unlimited travel
7. Lose 15 lb
8. Garden every day of the year -- without cost to me physically (or financially)

8 TV Shows I Watch:

1. Masterpiece Theatre
2. America's Next Top Model
3. the original CSI
4. Fringe
5. Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles
6. Survivor
7. almost any decorating or gardening program I can find
8. Criminal Minds

8 Ways to say Goodbye to you:
1. Adiós - Spanish
2. Arrivederci - Italian
3. 또봐요 (to boayo) - Korean
4. Haya - Swahihi
5. Waachiyaa - Innu
6. Shalom - Hebrew
7. Prosh-chavay - Ukranian
8. Bye-bye XXXXXXOOOOOO (just me!!)


musingwoman said...

Not have to work full time
That's top on my list, too!

Anonymous said...

Love your 8 is Enough, I love yard sale season.

Chuck Dilmore said...

you shall have your Sven...
see to it!


Doris the Great said...

Hmmmmm, Chuck! I'm not sure I could afford my Sven! But one does not give up hope -- NEVER!

Dani said...

Yes for yard sales! I love getting great deals. I also love ANTM. Sometimes one needs a little good-trashy tv. :)