Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keji Adjunct

We had a fabulous day trip to Keji Seaside Adjunct on Saturday!
I packed a picnic lunch, a blanket and the sun block; and the four of us set out at 11:30 am -- myself, my daughter Molly, my lovely Colombian daughter Sarita and her friend Ivy. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at the Adjunct, parked the car, and began our hike. The weather was perfect for a hike -- about 15 deg C (not too warm, not too cool) and just enough of a slight breeze to keep the bugs at bay!
We decided to take the longer hike (6.2 km around Port Joli Head from the "You are Here" arrow to the "Harbour Rocks"). It took us along pebble paths and boardwalks through the marsh where we heard birds and saw wild primrose and Pitcher plants.

We reached a wonderful beach strewn with rocks of every size, some that sparkled and glistened in the sun. Sparkle and glisten always attracts me! And I like to bring home a rock from wherever I go for my garden. So, I picked up a small platter-shaped one - very pretty black with flecks of silver and gold. Molly then began to search for heart-shaped rocks. (She found a few smaller ones and then a lovely good sized one that we wrapped in the blanket and carried the rest of the way back. We called it "the baby"!)

We spent at least half an hour scrabbling around on the rocks, looking at the sea snails and small fish in the tidal pools!

Our walk took us through more marshland, past more rocky beaches and small ponds. We saw at least a dozen other people, but we meandered so it was quiet and peaceful.

At one point, a weasel ran swiftly in front of Ivy, causing her to scream and Sarita to collapse in laughter.
We ate our picnic at the remains of a shepherds hut while we watched a lobster fishing boat in the bay. The food tasted sooo good!

Then we walked along a lovely forest path. At one point, we came across 2 very fat porcupine in a fir tree eating some of the new buds. They were pretty laid back and kept eating while we got a few pictures.

The last portion of our walk brought us to another beach - this one with a small sandy patch between the rocks. You could look through the viewer to see the seals that often sun themselves on the rocks in the bay. And on a really good day, you might even spot a whale!

Another 2 plus km took us back to the car. We drove back home on the old highway, past beautiful beaches and pretty little villages. And, of course, no day trip can be complete without ice cream -- Chunky Monkey and Death by Chocolate got my vote!


Dani said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I love the waterfront. Great photos! Reminds me of Lake Michigan.

Hugs, Dani

DUTA said...

Very good pictures. Many happy returns of trips like this one!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely place to visit. The beach is always my favorite place to be so I love the pictures. Glad you had such a good time.

Teena in Toronto said...

That looks like a most excellent hike! Good thinking bringing a lunch.

wendy said...

Oh Man, I wanna go there. What a great hike and day. great photos too. I also love to collect/find rocks and am always bringing them home. What's up with that