Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An invitation to visit ...................

You must go visit Nag on the Lake ( The Nag finds the most wonderful sites, songs, etc etc etc.
The Nag has just introduced me to a wonderful tool/toy. It's
" Your Virtual Turnpike"

You can go visit yourself to see if you're home! Or check out your childhood home -- or where your best friend used to live -- or your worse enemy (and throw virtual rotten eggs at their front door). Visit your Mom & Dad -- or see what your sister's new house looks like -- or where your long-lost cousin lives. Loads of fun!!
I checked out several homes that I know including my own, and the map they use is fairly up to date (summer 2009, I'd say). But I found that the house numbers were off by a number or two. (Which could be okay, I guess, if you're afraid of stalkers! But I'm not! No one wants to stalk me; I'm a little scary. It's the hormones, I think! Or the lack of chocolate this month [Lent, you know]. Or the heredity? Either way, I can be frightening. )
So, I'm inviting you all to my house! Here's what you do:

  1. (Let's see if this works....) Check it out here !

  2. Type in: Pinehurst Avenue Bridgewater NS Canada. Pinehurst is a horseshoe shape, and they start you at the far end (the right) of the horseshoe.

  3. Take a "walk" up and around my street by clicking on the arrow that will take you around the street (and not the ones in the upper right corner). You'll reach a duplex with a fire hydrant on the street level; and I'll be in the duplex right next door to the left. Oh look! There's the neighbor's red van in my lower driveway. (When I did the walk, the van sometimes looked like a small compact car -- has to do with the computer "walk".) It's okay! Don't egg that; he has my permission to park there.

  4. You can maneuver around with the walking arrows and the zoom as well as the north, east, south, west arrows until you can see clearly up my driveway. There's my red door and my summer flowers blooming!

It's pretty darn cool, I tell ya!


Here's a picture of my house to help you recognize my house.


Now I'd better run and bake some scones for y'all and put the kettle on.


Have fun; and I'll see you later!


PS - Could you pick up a quart of milk and a loaf of bread on the way? I'll pay you when you get here.


The Garden of Egan said...

On my way! Oh, I would like strawberry jam with my scone please!

Marie said...

That was so cool Sandy! I went to Tim Hortens in Middleton and it was great!!

Anna said...

Canada is too far from my country.Sigh!:(

Nezzy said...

Comin' right over girlfriend, I'm bringin' cream cheese and chocolate drizzle. "K???"

Have a blessed day and I'll see ya soon! (note; I'll be the one with the chocolate drool!)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Be right there! (P.S. You make me laugh, thanks!!)

Eva Gallant said...

That is uber cool!

Suburban Princess said...

Wow that is so cool! What a fun little app!

Did you find your mittens? I have a pair here for you in case you cant find them!

Dimple said...

Hi Sandy!
Thanks for coming by. When we had horses (quite a while ago) we would fertilize the rhubarb with their manure. It loved the stuff.
Now, it gets neglected in the fertilizer department, but I still get more than I can use every year. If it gets enough water, I bet yours will be fine!
I tried the vpike, but not on your house. Apparently they haven't photoed the western part of the US yet. I tried our address, one relatively nearby, and one in California, and all said photos were not yet available.

I still have a small piece of fruitcake left, I just ate some today!

The Nag said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sandy. Drop by Chez Nag any time you get a hankering for a glass of Niagara wine.