Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter comes (finally) to the South Shore

Jan 12th and our first winter storm hits the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Gini and I played in the snow.
Jan 13th was a day off school for the girls, but I still had to work. After a dinner of delicious, tummy-warming, hot 'n' spicy African Peanut Soup, Gini and Carolina played outside. Notice how without adult supervision, they made a naughty snow-woman!
Oh my! Those little international girls!
I stayed inside watching Coronation Street and making Mexican "Abuelita" hot chocolate: dense, heavy, hockey-puck shaped and cinnamon & sugar infused blocks of chocolate that you pop in a pan of milk and slowly melt and heat. So delicious! Gini does a great impression of Abuelita (Granny).
Happy and rosy-cheeked girls were grateful for the treat. And they were completely tuckered-out so they'll sleep well tonight ..... and unlike their behavior since Xmas holidays, hopefully they'll go to bed at a decent hour!
Oh my! Those little international students!
They've become so much fun!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your first snow storm of the year? The rest of Canada is buried 3 feet deep and you've just had your first snow? Wow, you South Shore Nova Scotians must be God's favourites or something!

Marie said...

That's crazy you haven't had snow til now. The weather around the world is sure topsy turvey isn't it! Looks like you made the most of it though with those fun gals! I love that kind of hot chocolate. A friend of mine brought some over from arizona a few years back and it was a real treat! xxoo

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Yes Debra! We South Shore Nova Scotians ARE God's favorites!

All other parts of the province -- the Valley, Yarmouth area, Halifax, Cape Breton, etc have lots of snow. We've had rain until this week. What strange weather!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful how much young people enjoy winter. I'm like you staying inside making the hot chocolate. A touch of cinnamon does sound like a good thing to add to it too. We've had our share of storms already and the forecast is calling for more snow tomorrow.

NanaDiana said...

What a fun little group of two you have there! I love how much THEY love the snow...I think that is a naughty Hugs- Diana

Eva Gallant said...

We hosted a foreign exchange student twice. The first time was a good experience, the second was not so good.

theelfqueen said...

Love the naughty snowman!!!

Barb said...

Happy to see that you were busy at the stove while the girls were making their snow woman! I'll send more snow your way when yours starts to melt...

Jake said...

Hey, fellow Coronation St watcher!!
And I love the snow woman as well!


wendy said...

OK, I totally love the snowGIRL with boobs!!!!! those girls sound like they keep you hopping. chocolate. did you throw in some brandy???

Teresa said...

Perfect! Snowmen and hot chocolate - looks like so much fun!