Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Computer troubles anyone?

To date, whenever my computer has made funny noises, THIS is never what it's been saying to me? I guess I need Elvis in the building.

And you have to watch this at least three times:

  1. Once for the whole Elvis experience

  2. The second time for the dancing girl in the pink dress with matching hair bow and red-headed Sir Walter Raleigh in the orange shirt and brown satin vest. (Cudoes for combing modern 60's dance moves with the limbo, buddy!)

  3. And the third (and all consecutive times) for all the other dancers and their far-out, groovy fashions!

All I can say is I am diggin' that crazy scene!


P.S. - FYI, I made a dress in Grade 10 Home Ec just like the one worn by that girl that Elvis is singing to -- but mine was a teal blue satin with a slight brocade pattern on it! Ewwwwwwww! I know, I know; you're all jealous! .

P.P.S. - Was that Gary Pucket from the Union Gap dancing there wearing the shades, green jacket and flouncy pirate shirt?



Pamela Gordon said...

Whoohoo! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. lol Loved this clip. And the fashions?? What were they thinking? I guess future generations will say the same about todays fashions too. I made a pale yellow, light wool shift in Home Ec in grade 9. Very simple style. Guess I wasn't too hip. :) Have a super day Sandy! Pamela

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I saved some of my clothes from the late 60's, early 70's. I guess I thought I could wear them again, I just had to lose those 5/10/20 lbs. They did get worn though by my children - for Halloween. Here, I thought I was such a fashionista.

Bonnie said...

Love the way Elvis gets into the car.... I so remember being so in love with Elvis when I was 11/12 maybe. Everyone has to love him!

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh there is no one else like Elvis!!


janjan said...

My mum worked as an out sewer for a fashion house and got to keep a lot of the left over fabric, so I had all the latest fashions in the 60's. I'd say to mum I like that paisley shift and she'd take a good look and say yeh I can make that and two days later there the dress would be. Even my dolls had the latest fashions. But did I appreciate it, No, I don't think I did. Sorry MUM.