Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday jealousy!

Yes, United States of America! This Canadian girl is extremely jealous of your post- Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales.
I realize that October is too early for post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales in Canada. But gosh, golly, gee! We need a day for super-duper bargains up here.


I don't mind battling crowds or waiting in long lines. It's all part of the hunt, right? And it gives me time to recharge my batteries and plan my maneuvers for the next epic battle.


So why?
Why can't we Canadians get in on the stupendous pre-Xmas shopping savings without having to get in a car/train/airplane and travel to your lovely country to leave our colorful money in your tills?
Why can't we stay in our own lovely country and spend spit for merchandise up here?
And why don't our stores honor more than one coupon and have multiple discounts? Huh?
But no :(
We Canadians don't have a Black Friday.
No; we'll be having a Blue Friday because on the 25th, we'll all be crying in our much superior Canadian beer while you guys go out and pay - like - a nickle for 51" plasma screen or "I-Phone, the Next Generation"!
Why, even our cutest little export is getting in on the fun!


Bloody Americans!

(Wish I was with you today.)


Lori E said...

I feel your pain Doris...what is it about Canadian stores that makes them think clearance is taking 10% off the price. Really? Clearance? I think not!
That being said there are at least 10 Canadian stores that are going along with the Black Friday sales of their US counterparts. Do a search online.


I just got back from Black Friday bargain hunting. All I found was a shirt and toaster oven. What I enjoyed was the hunt with the crowds of people out at 2-3am. I feel terrible that you can not partake in all the would think some stores there in Canada might cash in on this American craze. I hope people in the know are reading your blog and hear your frustration. Sales are fun. Slashing prices to the bare bone makes for a happy customer. Hang in there. Maybe someone heard your plea.

Chris said...

I avoid those sales at all costs. Not fond of spending the cold & dark wee hours with crazed shoppers. Besides, I'm usually still doing Thanksgiving dishes!

Happy for those who love them, and so sorry you don't have the chance to participate. :(

Nezzy said...

Ya can do what this old chick does and .com your Black Friday. I don't shop well or do crowds well at all but I've found I can get the same bargins...sometimes even better 'cause of special coupon codes and I never pay for shippin'.

I also log on and find the 'free shippin' codes.

Go for can do it!!! You are in fact the master of bargains!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous time beatin' the system!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

Hey, believe it or not there are a lot of Black Friday sales in Fredericton today! I think they are trying to keep us here instead of making the trip to Bangor and points beyond to spend our Canadian $$$$ and help boost our local economy. Me, I stayed home. No $$$$ even for here. :(

Melanie said...

Hey there, Canadian're really not missing anything except insanity with Black Friday here! I avoid the stores at all costs at this time of year. A neighbor-friend posted on Facebook last night that she was sitting in backed-up traffic simply waiting to get into the Wal-Mart parking lot! No thanks. I'd rather pay a little more and buy something online. :-)