Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Rebuttal

Remember how I said I was jealous of Black Friday shopping? Well, I'm taking it back. You're right, my friends. No bargain is worth what happens on Black Friday. After all the reports of macing and fights and just general bad behavior, I don't want to be in the middle of that. And I've seen the cartoon that's making the rounds about people rushing and fighting for things that they want on Friday the day after they've given thanks for what they already have! Hmmmm! Cause for reflection.
So, as is any woman's prerogative, I'm taking it back. I've decided to create my own Black Friday celebration:

  • Beautiful black, starry nights (relative easy for me to find and dirt cheap)

  • Delicious black bottomed cupcakes or Black Forest Cake (not difficult to find but will cost me a little coinage)


  • A darling little black dress (To find the right one can be quite difficult and certainly expensive)


  • And this beautiful, delicious, darling black man - Shemar Moore! He makes me drool more than any of the above! (Definitely hard to find because there simply is no one equal to Shemar Moore. And cost? Well, there's any dignity I may have claimed to have as well as my virtue and my good Christian name. But something are worth the risk! Sighhhhhh!)



However, as an poor, aging Canadian living in rural Nova Scotia, THIS is probably the only Black Friday I'll be taking part in for a while:

Ah well; I can always sweeten the pot and throw in a cruller!



DearHelenHartman said...

So fun - I like YOUR Black Friday better than the one I read about in the news!

Chris said...

Good for you... My setiments exactly!

Chatty Crone said...

I like YOUR black Friday. Didn't shop a drop that day. (Of course I couldn't because I was out of town!)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The misbehaving shoppers on Black Friday were the media's dream. Clips of the mayhem were shown over and over again to make people think that was going on all over. Over 99% of the people acted politely, but that was not news.
When I mistakenly rammed my knee into the elderly gentleman's groin as we both reached for the reduced iPad, I did apologize. Mamma raised me right.

Lori E said...

My sister is visiting overnight and she was just pointing out Shemar Moore to me last night.
Now that is a celebration, dignity be damned.

Bonnie said...

Sandy, You are a wise woman and.... you have great taste.

Red said...

Shopping early on a Monday morning is still too buzzy for me.


It is a shame that some people ruin the shopping event for the masses and then it's publicized scaring others into staying home. I had no problem where I went and picked up some great bargains. However, I got a big kick out of your Black Friday plans. That Shemar is quite a looker. Looks like you're going to be on Santa's naughty list if you aren't careful. LOL Take care.

Sweet Tea said...

Is that what we call a donut?
I don't do "Black Friday" - even when I was young and counting every dime, I knew it wasn't for me!

Michelle said...

The years I've done Black Friday (stayed home this year and last because I was tired and there was nothing on sale I was after) I haven't run into ANY bad behavior. Honestly, if the line seemed to be full of people who were that keyed up, I'd have turned around and gone home.

Jake said...

Thanks for dropping with your comment about grammar police!! I drive everyone who knows me crazy when I see an apostrophe out of place!!!