Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Typing in a Winter Wonderland

It's our first snowfall of the year. 10-15 cm (5-6") are supposed to come down, so school is closed. I drove to work alone this morning just as the snow was starting: it was quiet on the streets, not quite fully daylight, and the snowflakes were light and fluffy. It was magical!
I love being at work when it's snowing heavily. I'm by myself with the radio, a cup of hot chocolate and my emergency supply of soup and granola bars. I'm only 5 minutes from work, so by mid-afternoon when I slowly head back home, the snowplows and salt trucks will have done their job and the driving should be fine.
In the meantime, I type and sing and sip and think of earlier days when the girls were little and we'd have snowdays. And with the festive season closing in, I was reminded of one of our favorite Christmas albums by Raffi.

Snows are a falling on Douglas Mountain.

Snows are a falling so deep.

Snows are a falling on Douglas Mountain.

Putting all the bears to sleep.


Bonnie said...

Enjoy your winter wonderland. Everything does seem more peaceful under a blanket of snow. Bonnie

Terra said...

Ah, that is a winter wonderland indeed and good you live so close to work.

Nezzy said...

I just snorted my hot cocoa outta my nose when I saw your header today. It's great and you are truly a hoot!!!

We've had flurries but nothin' stuck! Woohoo!!!

('Hate doin' chores in the stuff!)

God bless you and enjoy that beautiful winter wonderland of yours.

Sweet Tea said...

I love this post, even tho I don't like snow except in pictures. You make snow sound mystical and lovely. The photo is beautiful!!

Judy said...

Would have liked to have snow, but got ice instead...slippery ride to work this morning...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The sun is peaking out here and we're to have some nice days for our Thanksgiving weekend here in northern Ohio. We have the promise rain turning colder next week but no snow and it's all right we me. I do remember those days of being at work while the snow poured down. Take care going home!

Pamela Gordon said...

It was a pretty snowfall here too (about 10 cm.) and the roads were extremely slippery as we had to be in the city most of the day. I remember that song from Raffi and it was one of our kids favorites too! Enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts, or did it turn to rain there.

DearHelenHartman said...

Your winter banner is super cool! Enjoy the snow.


I have to tell you that I was getting into the spirit of the season listening to you talk about your first snowfall. You paint such a pretty picture of it. I am glad it brought wonderful memories and is help making new ones. Take care.

Shauna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you :)
Love, Shauna from