Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beautiful Thursday

I had Thursday off so I could treat my daughter (and myself) to the Lunenburg Farmer's Market.  They have so many more vendors than our little local market.  There was wonderful fresh breads and pastries, fresh fish caught practically outside the door, some early fresh veggies like lettuce, chard and radishes; lots of lovely smelling soap and pretty jewelery; strawberry crepes to eat for breakfast and at least 5 vendors with special jellies and chutneys to sample.

I couldn't resist Ran-Cher Acres' selection of goat cheeses.  We bought two.

Another absolutely wonderful vendor "Salty Betty" sold different flavored salts and salty snacks as well as the 2 items I bought:  Lemon Rose Sugar (OMG!  Amazing stuff!  I'm gonna sprinkle it on this Saturdays freshly picked strawberries) and Maple Rum Vinegar (which I just wanted to drink).  So unique and tasty!

This beautiful rocking chair was made from Flaming Golden Maple.  It was really comfortable to sit in with just a slight rock and nice low arms which would be perfect for nursing mothers .....
or aging women with tired feet (like me!).

Lunenburg's own Ironworks Distillery carries a line of flavored vodkas, brandies and liquers.  They have one called Arctic Kiwi which is so subtle and sweet:  the other stuff was pretty darn potent for a good little Christian girl like myself!  

After we munched our way through the market, we strolled the streets of lovely Lunenburg, going into shops and oogling all the pretty wares (without buying anything).  We drove to Mahone Bay for a yummy sandwich; then visited a couple of thrift stores on our way home.

These 2 tired ladies had a simple but elegant dinner mostly supplied by the various places we visited during the day.

Dinner fit for 2 Queens!
On the yellow plate:  Gouda goat cheese, my own homemade bread & butter pickles and a smoked paprika butter w/ chillies & chives.  On the white plate:  LaHave Bakery Russian Black Bean bread.  On the far right:  That tiny round is a soft goat cheese encased in an edible vegetable ash (and OMG!  Was that ever tasty!  I may be in love!).  Behind from left to right:  Rhubarb chutney, Moroccan Date Pesto (soooo good), Apple Lavender jelly and my own homemade rhubarb juice (from last summer) which we mixed with soda water.

I don't think we could call it a queenly table with something sweet.
We shared our sweets and each had (from LaHave Bakery) mocha chocolate cake and my personal favorite, a toffee square.  

 What a wonderful meal it was.  

Later that evening, I lit my new fire pot and sat on the deck with all 3 of my beautiful daughters.  We shared a glass of wine, and talked and laughed; and I gratefully listened to them play guitar and uke and sing together.

 What a blessing it is to be together again!  Ahhhhh!



Lunenburg and the market sound enchanting. What a delightful day and evening with your daughters. Moments like these are lasting treasures. ENJOY! Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know you must be thrilled to have your family all at home. I know I love it when mine are. Enjoy your lovely daughters and the time you get together!

Diana said...

What a PERFECT day!! There isn't much to add to that except to say that you are one lucky lady!!
Love Di ♥

Lori E said...

Sounds to me like a perfect day. I wish I had daughters to spend time with like that.
My sons are fine for a couple hours but they don't make it much more than that.

My Little Home and Garden said...

I love a wander through a good market! This one looks fantastic and I can see all kinds of tempting goodies.

Sweet Tea said...

What a lovely day from start to finish. I gotta ask, "edible vegetable ash"? Never heard of it before. Hmmmm.