Friday, September 21, 2012

Music hath charms......

 "Music hath charms to soothe 

a savage breast, to soften 

rocks or bend a knotted oak."

William Congreve  

There's some music ..........................

I can be trying to recover from a nasty headcold (as I am now); worried about leaky pipes and no $$; worried about kids or bills (or kids with bills!).  I can be in traffic, in pain, in limbo.   It doesn't matter where I am or how I'm feeling, there's some music that makes it all disappear.  It's like an answered prayer.  It's like floating.

Canada's classical station CBC Radio Two is "Rocking Your Bach" this morning.  I like classical music, and I really like Bach.  But I just heard JS Bach's Cello Suite #1, and it was more than just music.    

Here I was -- alone in my (this morning) dreary, damp office, rain falling outside, head cloudy, nose stuffed, shoulder aching.  But when I heard that music, I had to stop typing, sit back, close my eyes and drink -- long and deep.  Soooo, beautiful!  It transports me:
--- to a sun dappled meadow of flowers or a quiet beach or the loving arms of my Father; warmth and peace fill me; the presence of God is all around me and it is simply divine.

Back to reality all too soon.  But it's a little piece of heaven that I can enjoy over and over again, whenever I need it.

How about you?  Does music touch your soul?  Does it stop you in your tracks?  Transport you?  Make you cry? 

  • What music?
  • And where do you go?


Darla said...

Music doesn't always soothe my soul, well Praise and Worship will. Normally anything to do with flowers or happy children will lift my spirits. You are wise to embrace and recognize the blessings in life. Hope you feel better soon.

Sharon said...

Ah yes, the power of one whose college degree was in Music, guess I'd better feel that way, hadn't I? For soothing purposes, my favorite is usually instrumental hymn tunes. I have a John Tesh favorite hymns CD that refreshes me no matter how many times I listen to it. Mostly I just enjoy quiet instrumental music of any kind.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes music hits the spot...Hope you are feeling better!

Diana said...

While I am driving I like to turn it up loud! I can never hear my phone which is a good thing! I too love Classical but we don't have a radio station for it. I'd listen to my CD's but my player doesn't work anymore.
Love Di ♥

Marguerite said...

What I love is that there's music for every occasion. Something to sing along to - girl tunes. Something to put some spring in my step - top 40. Something to smile about - Arlo guthrie. Classical is always calming for me but I'm partial to mendelsshon myself.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I know exactly how you feel. One of my biggest fears is to lose my hearing and never be able to hear my music again.