Sunday, September 2, 2012

We danced till we were giddy!

Sunday afternoon, friends and I took in the 7th annual LaHave River Folk Festival.  Fort Point was the sight of one of the first settlements in N America -- once the French snapped it up from the Mi'kmaq, of course.  It also happens to be a favorite spot of mine as it's around the corner from where we raised our kiddies; we loved walking from our house and along the beach to Fort Point -- collecting beach glass, running with the dog, picnic lunches. The Historical Society have worked hard in restoring the site.
 And Mother Nature showed her appreciation by presenting us with a perfect day -- enough sunshine to warm your back and enough gentle breeze to keep the bugs away.

A lineup of 13 different performers, the smell of b'beque in the air and happy, toe-tapping people everywhere you looked:  some in the open, some under tent canopies and some outside the teepees.

After a while, I took a little time out to go next door and visit a wee member of the family.  As I sat there, I could hear "Cut, Split & Delivered" singing this lovely gospel song about holding the hand of the Master; it was very poignant and quite beautiful.

 The afternoon meant more music and hand clapping and hot dogs and root beer and chilli.  And then the dancing began -- a person can only sit still for so long!  There were big dancers and little dancers, old ones and young ones:  I love seeing every age group up dancing together and being totally "uncool". 

As evening began to settle on us, the temperatures cooled down; but everyone came prepared.  The music ran into darkness, and the dancers were encouraged to take the front of the stage.

We were some of the last to leave the stage at the end of the evening.

We danced until we were giddy and laughing and full of joy at being alive and having ears and eyes and feet and friendship!


Diana said...

What a wonderful day and evening Sandy! It reminded me of the great time we had at Balloon Fest this year. It rained here nearly all weekend so we didn't get out but I'm glad your weather was good for your day. Wish I could have been there!
Love Di ♥

My Little Home and Garden said...

That sounds like so much fun. You sound like you really grab hold of life and wring out the joy from it!

sandra said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful day, it looks like great fun, and such a beautiful place.
May I offer my condolences on the loss of your precious child? I know she will remain in your heart forever, but such anniversaries are sometimes painful, and I am very sorry.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a wonderful day you seem to have had. However, you seem to make everyday wonderful. You certainly know how to enjoy life.

wendy said...

Sound like that would have been a WONDERFUL time. You do live in a magical, beautiful part of Canada.

Melanie said...

Now that sounds like my idea of a fun day and evening! No chilly temps here yet - not even in the evening, but I know it's coming soon. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog; you make me feel appreciated.