Monday, December 10, 2012


My littlest bambino came home from university last night, and I was at the airport to greet her "with bells on". She came home to a fully decorated home, or as she not-so-sweetly puts it "Ahhhh!  Christmas threw up all over our house again this year, Mom"!  But she loves it.

And she came home to a spic & span, totally cleansed house.  Not only did I "wrap up" the Xmas wrapping (because Santa's workshop was set up in the rec room ..... which happens to be where she'll sleep for the next 3 weeks), but I worked hard all weekend to cross all my cleaning chores off the list.  All shelves were washed down, usual knick-knacks put away & Xmas set out; bathroom the same; the crystal, etc in the dining room the same; kitchen & pantry cupboards inventoried and cleaned; linen closet tidied & re-arranged; and all ducks put in a row.  I wanted it all done before she got here.

At 10 pm Saturday evening as I was wiping down bulkheads and light fixtures, I said to myself :  "It's late; go put your feet up for the rest of the night and you can finish this next weekend.  Why is it so important to get it done before Libby comes home?"
So, I took a glass-o-wine break and I thought about it.

I thought -- yes, Christmas is a great excuse to give the house a good going over; but it's more than just that.

I remembered how as a young adult, while I was just learning to live on my own and balance my bank account, how much I loved going home for Christmas.  I remembered how reassuring & de-stressing it was to walk back into "normal" -- a home that was decorated and clean, where there was food in the fridge and toilet paper on the roll, where there'd be laughter (and the occasional squabble) and all the things I loved.  I especially  remembered one time when only my Dad picked me up at the airport; and on the drive home he said what my Mom could never say.  "Sandra, your Mom is so excited to have you home.  She's been cleaning for days and has baked all your favorite things."

Wow!  How special that made me feel.  

And I thought, I want my girls to have that "normal".  I want them to know that when they come home they have "a soft place to land".  The house will be all prepped and ready for our favorite holiday, with their favorite foods, and lots and lots of time to spend together.   I want them to feel loved and cherished.

I want them to know that they're sooooo special to me, that I'd treat them like I was expecting the very very best, really really super important company.  

The only difference will be that they have to do the dishes!


Janet said...

I love this: "I want them to know that they're sooooo special to me, that I'd treat them like I was expecting the very very best, really really super important company."

So glad to hear your daughter's home safe and sound - enjoy her visit...and you're clean house ('cause I know that I enjoy my clean house when I'm done almost as much as my company does :)

Pamela Gordon said...

You must be excited to have your daughter home for Christmas. It's worth all the extra work and cleaning and decorating and baking isn't it! I'm being totally lazy when it comes to baking and shopping this year. I'd better get going. Have a great week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are making some good memories for your girls. I think we all want our homes to be welcoming for our families. After all a home isn't much of a home without those special guests. So cute how you ended with they have to do the dishes...Enjoy your family!

Jack said...

YOU are the one who's special. One of our sons and his family live far away, and we won't be seeing them this year. I'd gladly clean up the whole trailer park if I could see him!

Have a great Christmas!

wendy said...

There certainly is a special warmth and love about coming home for Christmas.
I hope you have a great visit with your daughter.

Bonnie said...

I so understand wanting everything to be perfect when our babes return home. Enjoy your visit.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am in the process of doing all this now because my daughter and her family are coming for a two week visit. Everything must be spic and spam and welcoming. We do this out of love.

Melanie said...

Your story warms my heart! My son isn't away at university yet (will be next August), but he's currently in Gatlinburg doing a wedding shoot. I told him I was going to clean his room while he was gone, and before he could freak out, I reassured him that it didn't mean throwing anything out - that it meant I was going to DUST and vacuum! I talked to him last night and he told me that he was homesick and missed his room, the cats, and yeah...even me and his dad/my husband. :-)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Yours do dishes??? You'll have to tell me your secret. Heeehehehe!

Enjoy your special time together sweetie.

God bless and have fun!!! :o)