Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Time is Comin'

I've missed sharing with you lately.  Life has been a flurry of Xmas dinners, lunches & teas; craft shows, parades & concerts; letter writing, card addressing, gift wrapping & parcel sending.  And although it's certainly not stopped, I'm finding some time to breathe and enjoy this beautiful season.

Last weekend, we did one of my favorite things and got the Xmas tree.  We didn't trek through the woods; we drove around the corner and bought the 1st one we liked.  And I did what I always do on tree day:  played Xmas music, had hot chocolate and ...... cut too many branches off the bottom of the tree!  
Natsumi was so excited!  She's only ever had a table top tree in Japan; so she was thrilled at the prospect of a 5.5 ft tree.  She thought that carrying it home in the trunk was hilarious.

Then we brought up the boxes and decorated the house.  (The tree will be finished tonight.)

One of my favorite Xmas spots is always the collection of miniatures on my top-o-the-stairs bookshelf.  Each year, something is added to it.  This year, it's the "triangular shaped" Santas shown 2nd from the left on the bottom. 

I've been keeping up with your blogs and enjoying your decorating, travels, food, etc. -- even if I haven't commented and you've no proof that I've been to visit.  I've been there ... in the shadows ... smiling .... and yawning.


Linda said...

Sounds like the fun has begun at your home, Sandy! Hopefully, I'll be in full decorating mode tomorrow. Baking breads today. Enjoy, have fun, and sing those Christmas songs. Your tree looks beautiful; love the Santas. said...

I am having hot choc now myself after I put up in my post a second ago. My little branch lights. Then up comes yours. Very nice tree., la, Deck the Halls -------Holly. Tra,la,la, la,la la. Wish I

was helping you deco it all.

I am in the mood.

I live in the country and trees are so plenty. One would never miss a cut down.

Alot of visitors do I see.

I am a old timer so I enjoy my families trees at Christmas and the beauty here of snow when it comes thick on the outside. Then I get my camera out and click, click. Very cold here today. Need a nose warmer. Brrr.

I have not heard Christmas songs on the radio yet so will have to put a dvd on. I am La,La, some.

Enjoy the beginning of Season.

Do you like Michael Buble. He has some Christmas songs. He is a another Frank Sinatra Crooner come in 2010 on the scene.

La,la, la.

Bye now.

Melissa said...

Yummmmmmm Hot chocolate!!! I'm craving it now :)

Love your tree. I absolutely LOVE real trees and the smells they bring into the house. Looks great :)

Merry Decorating!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, busy days are here. Your blog looks very decorated for Christmas too! Nice!

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Sandi, I was thinking about you yesterday and missing your blogposts. Glad you are still around and just really busy. :) I love all the cute little ornaments in the bookcase. They are so vintage looking. It's such a busy time of year and it sounds like you're enjoying the holiday festivities. Blessings, Pamela

Barb said...

Hi Sandy, your tree has a great shape! (And is BIG!). Just wanted to stop by and make sure you were still here - you sound busy but happy. Have a good Dec!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is so hard to find the time for everything during the holiday season. I have been remiss lately in posting, but I do try to keep up with everybody who does. Your blog is so positive and uplifting and I thank you for that. If I don't have a chance to comment during this month, I want to wish ou a very merry Christmas - although I know you will have one anyway.

Marguerite said...

I feel much the same these days. Too busy buying, wrapping, feasting and visiting to get much blogging done. Lights are going up for serious lately, just love driving home at night now. How wonderful your girls get to enjoy a real tree, it's such a treat we take for granted.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It is a busy time of year so it's hard to keep up with bloggers! Sounds like the Christmas fun has definitely begun at your home!