Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've seen my future ... it says Meow!

I'm so busy trying to deal with today, I don't often think too far into the future (except to wonder what to get for dinner tomorrow night and when I might possibly be able to eat cheesecake again.) 

Because my life is so full, I don't I don't often think about being a  woman alone (because, Gol Darnit!, I can't get anyone to leave me alone even when I purposely don't shower for days!).

And the only time that I ever think about those two things together -- Sandy in the future as a single woman -- is when I come across a picture like this one that fills me with terror:

How to organize and stack my cats!

Will it come to that, do you think?  

Man, I better start stocking up on Purina now!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are too funny. I had my day with cats and dogs. Many years of having both and now it's just easier to be alone...and less expensive too.

Marissa said...

Interesting cat picture!!! I don't have any cats or dogs!! I would be too worried that they would poop all over.. and my mom seriously has a Cat phobia!! She is TERRIFIED!!!

True story: When she was a kid a Cat scratched her cornea and lost her eye due to infections!! she has since got her vision back with several on going life procedures so, needless to say she is a Scared!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh yes, don't we all fear becoming the cat lady in the neighborhood? Love the picture! Bonnie

Marguerite said...

LOL, loved the photo but then my husband calls me a cat lady in training. Love my cats and can totally see me becoming the nutty old lady with stackable kitties.

Diana said...

Oh don't become a cat lady!! I'm just stating to enjoy my time alone but still have pets. I'd go on trips if I didn't have pets!! Although I do love them. That was a cute photo!
Love Di ♥

Kay G. said...

Oh, how funny. My sister is married but she has so many cats that she too is afraid of becoming a cat lady!
My hat is off to anyone who got cats to look at the camera all at the same time, it must be trick photography!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I own two kitties that we have had for years and I refer to them as my hubby's cats. Since I retired I have more time to observe the wildlife that inhabits my yard. Besides the farmer's cows that occasionally get out and like to roam my yard every now and then, I have discovered the farmer's cats. I started to feed one, who I was not sure belonged to anyone. Soon, she brought a friend, and in 6 months, I had three. One had kittens, and we were able to find homes for three of the four. The remaining one lives in a cat house on our deck.

The things you never thought you would do, but then, life happens! It is hard to resist a kitten.

Terra said...

Stacking cats, so cute.