Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ending 2012 and beginning 2013!

The last day of 2012 went like this:
Saying goodbye to my eldest daughter ..... followed by a brief trip to my favorite haunt (because one must deal quickly with a broken heart!).

Home for some pre-ordered takeout with Elly and soda and peanuts while watching my 1st zombie movie in over 20 years.  (Good thing we ate first!!!)

The first hour of 2012 was spent like this:

Watching the countdown from Halifax Parade Square on TV and a wee glass of white to toast the new year; a sweet kiss and hug from my favorite Korean daughter ..... then back to the conclusion of a more light hearted film

Happy New Year friends!


Janet said...

Happy New Year, Sandy - I'm so glad you had an awesome holiday with your daughters :) Here's to a shiny, full of possibilities, 2013!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very Happy New Year to you too! I also spent New Years Eve at home in front of the TV. Watch the ball drop in Time Square!

Pamela Gordon said...

Happy New Year Sandy! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

Marguerite said...

Happy New Year Sandy!! Best wishes to you and your lovely family in the coming year.

Kay G. said...

Sounds wonderful, hope you have a great 2013!

Poppy said...

Happy New Year, Sandy!

Your Christmas post was lovely, as well. Nothing like family and friends to share the season's gifts and joy.