Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treaters at my House.

Today was pay day hence grocery day.  But it was also Halloween!

So, I leave work early (if I'm not there, I don't get paid) ..... and I rush up and down the aisles of Superstore ..... and I pick up a quickie dinner of barbeque chicken, salad and potato wedges ..... and as I drive home, I can see that the little 'uns are already on the roads.


I bolt down dinner and just manage to get down the last of my food before the doorbell rings the first time.

Then it's  up and down and up and down for an hour or two.

But who can get upset when these little sweeties are the ones at your door.  
When I opened the door to the Mexican on the far left (all of 13/14 years old), he immediately said
"Hola Mamacita!" 


 Cheeky gringo!

We never get a lot of trick or treaters but there were fewer this year.  Thank goodness I only buy treats that I don't like!

How were the ghouls in your neck of the woods?



HALLOWEEN here got rained out. All your trick or treaters were adorable.

Cassie said...

I had to work the dinner shift so missed out on Halloween. My mom said she got about 30 this year.

Jack said...

We didn't see a soul. I think the ghouls ate 'em (trick or eat!)...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Due to the rain here, we got only 28. That is an all time low for us. Those few brave souls were very wet.

Lori E said...

We had none and the weather was fine. Good thing I am not crazy about chocolate....much....

sabine said...

We had no trick or treaters here. I ate the chocolate by myself.
Thank you for your congrats!