Friday, April 4, 2014

Pre-Weekend Forecast

Things I want to do this weekend:

(Special note:  items in caps are shouts-out to God to "Make it so, Number One")

  1. Lie in bed when I wake and just stretch, stretch, stretch "For Lord's sake", smiling in anticipation of a day of leisure.
  2. Have a large cup of dark roast coffee ----- ON MY BACK DECK!
  3. Make and eat about a million dark chocolate-covered apricots ... ya know, the soft juicy ones, not the nearly dessicated ones I currently have in my dried fruit jar.
  4. Go for a long walk in the SUNSHINE wearing my almost new black and hot pink hiking sneakers.
  5. Eat some good foreign food and not care one tad about the calories.  Peruse a menu (bringing a hankie to dab off the drool, of course); order & sit excitedly while waiting for my order to be filled; look ..... smell ..... taste .... slowly chew & savor every (hopefully) delicious bite; then complain about how full I am!  That's an A+ idea!
  6. THRIFT a great new pair of colorful flats.
  7. Laugh a great deal.

Things I will probably do this weekend:
  • Drive to the city in the rain on Saturday with a most probable #5, the possibility of #6 (if the Value Village gods are kind), a #2 without the back deck (thanks to Starbucks??) and an almost definite #7 'cause I'll be with 3 chatty 'n' cheerful Asian girls.
  • Start my Sunday with the first part of #1, possibly move on to #2, and then spend the majority of the day assisting in the new office move down river.  But there will most assuredly be lots of #7 during the move 'cause they're such a great bunch.  I love my new job.

Ya never know what'll happen for sure.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Whatever you do this weekend, I wish you an over-abundance of #7.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

#7 is important. A good laugh is worth its weight in good. Good for the body and the soul for sure.


Whatever you do, ENJOY!