Monday, December 14, 2009


It started with our first child, Amy, when both my Mom and I bought identical "1987 Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments. Then each year since then, I've continued to buy an ornament for each child. I tried at first to buy a certain series - Mary's Angels for Amy; Teddy bears for Molly; carousel horses for Libby. But either the series ran out or money was too tight to opt for the more expensive Hallmark ornament. Nevertheless, each year brought an ornament that in some way reflected the child.

One of the drawbacks with a lot of these ornaments was the weight! And after 3 children and 16 years, I noticed that there was very little room on the tree for my growing collection of special ornaments. So, one way to solve those problems was to put the ornaments in a special place. A second tree wasn't a solution for us. But we happened to have some fake tree boughs and lots of doorways. Thence was born the children's arch! My Ex used to complain about the staple holes in the woodwork and/or plaster. I feel that a few holes are nothing compared to celebrating and highlighting the growth and passage of each of my babies.


Here's this year's arch, one of the first things you see as you enter the house. Amy's ornaments run along the top, Molly's are down the right side, and Libby's down the left.


Here are some of the ornaments beginning with, of course, our first little "angel", Amy. My Ex and I didn't have a lot of money; but we did take the girls on one very special summer vacation to Cape Breton. The ornaments with their names on them are from that trip.

Scattered among her special angel ornaments are others that show things like her love of shopping and the diva on the telephone!


Molly was always the quiet, gentle little one. (At 19, she's now trying out her wings by not so much cutting the apron strings as ferociously wrenching them away from me! Not so gentle anymore! Still, she's learning to fly on her own.) But she's still soft and (sometimes) cuddly like a Teddy bear.

And Libby was always the one who performed and made everyone laugh.

It's been more difficult to find a series of ornaments for her; so she has a mixture of little things. But a couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to find these 2 "Libby's Travels" ornaments.
And this little mouse somehow made me think of her -- although she's neither quiet nor timid!
I've mentioned a couple of times to the girls that they're getting too old now for me to keep collecting ornaments for them. But they wouldn't hear tell of that!
Until they have homes of their own and/or request their ornaments, they hang at home as a wonderful reminder of my beautiful children.


Shelia said...

Hi Doris! Oh, what a sweet idea hanging your sweet little ornies on the garland. I've done this before and it bring special attention to them. Thank you so much for coming to my home tour and your kind words.
Be a sweetie and Merry Christmas,
Shelia ;)

The Garden of Egan said...

I love them! What a great way to display them. You are amazing.
Hope you are having a great time enjoying the holidays.

Nezzy said...

Your right, the little boogers are great but a little heavy. What a great way to display all the memories you have collected over years. Just beautiful!

Have a wonderful day enjoying the joys of the season!!!

DUTA said...

The arches are a real great idea, and the little ornaments bring fun and joy to those beholding them.

Saranne said...

What a great idea! I bought an ornament for my daughter each year, too! We tried to find one each year when we were on vacation...a clear ball filled with sand and seashells, a copper Christmas tree from Colorado, an angel from Paris...We would dig them out each Christmas and remember the good times that they represented. When she married, I packed them all up for her own tree, and she has continued the tradition with her own family. I still hang on to all of her childhood creations (popsicle stick stars, etc.) and hang them proudly on my tree - memories, memories! Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a great idea. I never heard of anyone doing that before. I do have tiny little angel picture frames that I used to hang up in my archway for the I have a few more grandchildren and no angel frame for them so I've stopped hanging them at all.

Marydon Ford said...

Doris, this is a real clever idea, hadn't thought of it. Such a lovely presentation for all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!


Dona said...

Such a wonderful idea! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!


Dona said...

***I don't know how to delete 'Marie'...that's my yahoo account that I used out of frustration when I could not access my google account:/ Time for bed:)

Marie said...

You're so talented in putting this together Sandy! I love it. What a wonderful idea!

ethelmaepotter! said...

What a fabulous idea! And I recognize so many of those ornaments. My daughter has an ornament for every year of her life, and now that she's married...well, every June, when the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament book comes out, she goes through it and marks her favorites, and I pick one and put it under the tree for her. The others? We shop for them first thing in the morning, on the day after half price!

Kammy said...

Hi Doris !
What a wonderful idea on that arch ! I had to laugh as I have some of the same Hallmark ornaments for my 21 year old ! I haven't bought any for the kids in the last few years....I think it was because they are expensive !

Bunny said...

These will be treasured forever. Nice memories for the children. Have a wonderful Christmas.

A human kind of human said...

This is such a lovely tradition you have started and grown. I am sure the girls would one day be very proud to display their ornaments in their own homes and I hope they carry on with the tradition for their own families.