Friday, December 18, 2009


This week, I've been staying late at work and rushing around town during the day doing office errands so I can get caught up before I take time off over Xmas. It's been very hectic! But I've been very careful to make sure I'm drinking plenty of water and that I have lots of apples and clementines and such around to snack on. And whenever I begin to complain about how tired I am or how my poor wrists ache, I think about the 2 blissful weeks ahead of me!!!! Ahhhhhh! What a lovely thought!

I was driving back to work from the bank yesterday and I noticed something on the side of the road! So, keeping in mind the fact that I've lost 8 pounds over the past 2 months, I thought to myself:

"Why wait until the 25th to wreck your healthy diet. Why not start today!"


(Sound of car veering off course and into DQ drive-through!)

Yum, Yum!!

I had a Moolatte chaser!


(Pardon me!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that lunch was well deserved and I'm sure you enjoyed it. I think I'm going to treat myself today at lunch just because I deserve it too.

Nezzy said...

Ya just have to fall off the wagon and treat yourself every once in a while. Then that old wagon isn't quite so hard to crawl back up on.

You are crazier than I gave you credit for girl. I mean anyone who would diet this time of year...WoW! Congrats on the eight pounds. (on my knees bowing here!) Whoohoo!

Have a great day girlfriend!!!

BTW: your word recognition here is peddlebra....hummm, a bra with training wheels maybe?

Nikia, May and da kids said...

That's what I'm talking about, hahahahahahahahahahahaha ... just kidding. Good luck with that. I will be joining the cause January 1st.

Now forgive yourself and back to moderation = )


Suburban Princess said...

Mmmm those moolattes are too yummy!

Eva Gallant said...

Our DQ Brazier closed and they only sell ice cream. : (
Congrats on the weight loss!

The Garden of Egan said...

OH, you're funny! I have just given up until after the first of the year.

That's OK about the belch, we all do it ya know!

I'll crawl on the wagon with ya later.

Vonlipi said...

If only they served REAL french fries! Not frozen stuff...

but YUM for the moolata!

Marie said...

A little treat once in a while does a body good!! xxoo

Rebecca said...

I can't help joining you at D.Q. now and then. I've been pining for a good, greasy hamburger & fries, and this put me over the edge!

Congratulations on those 8 pounds. That's fantastic. You must be very proud.

Terra said...

You have very good judgment and I am sure you enjoyed the lunch. Now of course is the time for sterner stuff re food, but we do need to have these occasional treats!

Dimple said...

Hi Sandy-enjoy your treats! I'm saving the fruitcake that's left for Friday; some family members will like it, I think!
Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

ethelmaepotter! said...

This was too funny! I pictured a dead possum or deer...some kind of roadkill...and then you hit us with that hamburgers and fries!
Congratulations on the weight loss! That's the exact amount I GAINED in the past two weeks.
Rotten 12 Nights of Christmas snack party at work. Next year I will kindly request that they find some place besides the shelf directly behind me to leave the goodies out all night long.

A human kind of human said...

Isn't there a law against dieting over Christmas? Well if there isn't, there should be. Glad you enjoyed that. We will all starve ourselves in the new year. I always start my diets on Mondays and it usually lasts until teatime on Mondays (sigh), but one day, yes one day, I will stick to it, but just not on a Monday.