Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Feb 17.11 & Free Fashion Advice

It's one of those glorious winter days in Nova Scotia that can't help but bring a smile to your face. It's supposed to go up to +5 deg Celcius, and the sun is shining, and you just know there'll be less ice in your driveway when you go home after work.



To keep me thinking spring thoughts and to motivate me to work even harder at work, I bought myself another pot of tulips ($3.99 at Superstore). Aren't they pretty! I love the red and citron yellow mottled effect. They'll enhance my spring garden next year!

I haven't done any new thrifting since my visit to Value Village, but here are a few items that were in the laundry when I did last week's TT post -- 2 lovely spring blouses all, of course, part of the 50% off sale.

  • This pretty grey and white striped blouse is a lovely crisp cotton stretch that makes me feel all clerical and business like. It has darts in the back and at the bust! I'm highly impressed by darts! They are a busty woman's best friend in shirts. Plus it "fits me like a smack in the mouth", as my Newfie mother would say!This shirt makes me happy -- especially at $3.99. Why, I'm fair delirious by this shirt! (I don't get out much anymore!)

. .

  • And then there's this pretty navy blue check and stripped cotton blouse, another $3.99 purchase. It's a loose but not too loose (somewhat like I used to be in my youth! Gasp! Forgive me, Father!), comfy fitting blouse that will look great with jeans or white capris. I'm going to look for a belt to wear around the middle -- something I've stayed away from as I felt I was too thick there (somewhat like my head used to be in my youth ... which might explain my "zesty" youthful behavior re reference above). But numerous style and fashion blogs and articles are saying that cinching in the waist will "emphasize the narrowest part of your body" (which actually on me is my left ankle) and draw attention to your curves. So, I'm willing to try anything once (again, bearing reference to the above comments).


Okay! I think I should shut-up now before you all delete me from your "favorite blogs" in shock and disgust!!


I'm saved now! God loves me! All is forgiven! I don't do those things anymore! Would you like cake? Chocolate? Twenty bucks?



Don't forget to check out the chaste bloggers who are part of Thrifty Thursday with Leigh at Bloggeritaville ( You'll be safe there. I don't think any of them will make you tut-tut as you read about their thrifty purchases.



ethelmaepotter! said...

+5 sounds really nice after this horrid winter, but wait for this...we're supposed to hit 72 degrees today! Which is like +22 Celcius! And to think that last week at this time we were completely covered in white!

Love, love, love the tulips! If anything screams SPRING, it's tulips!

My favorite is the darted shirt. I bought a black darted blouse a month or so ago at Sears - already on clearance, then they had a Friends and family sale going on, so I got to take 60% off the clearance price - ending up costing me $4.80! The problem is, until I splurge for a new bra, the darts don't exactly match me!

Have a warm happy day!

(Oooh, my verification word is actually a word...almost...PROPERS.)

knitwit said...

I'd never delete you from my favourite blogs--you're a hoot! Plus, you always have such great thrifty finds to share with us!
happy Thursday--and happy thrifting!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So funny and hey I had a rather risque youth myself!! Love the shirts and you can't beat those prices. I am so ready for Spring. hugs, Linda

jeannemarie said...

Love you and the blog!! Keep thrifting, but could you be quiet about it? I love my Goodwill, and don't want competition.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm shocked. SHOCKED! Oh yeah, and appalled too.

Nezzy said...

Although it was -11 this time last week and it's suppose to reach 7o's today I still have snow on the ground in my rock garden. Go figure...welcome to Missouri!!!

I just adore that cute little darted shirt! It's just adorable!

You closet has got to be filled with the best bargains ever!

God bless ya and have a splendid day my friend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are sounding like you've been bitten by the Spring fever bug there at your house. It's wonderful what some sunshine can do for us. Navy blue and white are just perfect for Spring but both your finds are just lovely. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Laraine Eddington said...

Your blend of thrift and confession is irresistible.


Hi Sandy,
I am so glad that I found your blog. I laughed out loud twice just reading today's post. (left ankle . . .)

Thanks for popping by mine. Chicago Dibs was even officially ok'd by the city - which I thought was hysterical.

I am also . . . forgiven.



Garden of Egan said...

Your left ankle.
OK you are cracking me up!

I love that first shirt! It will be flattering on you!

lynn said...

Sandy, you are too funny! And you're in good company...I treat myself to tulips and lilies all the time! We deserve it, don't we?!