Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Thursday Feb 3.11

We received 10 cm of snow early Wed morning AND 20 cm of snow during the day AND we're expecting another 10 cm of snow beginning at midnight. Sort of like a 3-course meal: appetizer, entree and desert! (Somehow, I don't feel hungry anymore!) Nevertheless, it's been a day of digging out; and it looks like it will be a morning of digging out!

Two other things I'm digging are my vintage finds from the past couple of weeks.

  • Everyone loves vintage Christmas bulbs, right? These were $2 at Frenchies.

  • And this sweet little tree topper came from The Daisy. Here it is unlit and lit. Gorgeous huh! The cost - 50 cents!

I'm taking part in Vintage Thingie Thursday today which is hosted by Coloradolady . Check it out with me.


Garden of Egan said...

I totally LURVE those ornaments! I hope you are collecting a whole bunch so I can see your vintage Christmas tree....ya, start planning now right?
Almost sounds blasphemous!

NanaDiana said...

And here I thought I was the only person on Earth that was still buying Christmas stuff this time of Diana

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those Christmas bulbs look like the ones I remember from childhood.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

My grandmother still puts those up!

Marie said...

I heard you'd all been snowed under. Did the ground hog see his shadow? I hope not! Love your vintage finds! You can't beat Frenchies!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Do be careful with all that snow. It took us all day digging out here yesterday but for now I think the storm has ended. We had snow then ice and another lay of snow so had to put down ice melt and let it set awhile before even trying to budge icy say the least I am resting today. I hope your Thursday is a wonderful one.

Maureen said...

Great finds - especially at those prices! Yahoo!

Nezzy said...

Wonderful vintage ornaments there...your tree will look even more marvelous next season. It never hurts for a gal to plan ahead!!!

Be careful in the snow sister, we don't want you hurtin' yourself again!!!

Yep, it's gonna take us awhile to dig out here. We have about four inches of ice under all this snow. The ice doesn't move, especially at our sub~zero temps right now.

God bless and stay warm...I'm off to hug my fireplace!!! :o)

LV said...

Enjoyed seeing your vintage ornaments again. We had so many of those in the past, but who knew I should have kept them. It is terribly cold here too. So do as I am, stay by the fire.

heartfelt living said...

A gal can never have to many vintage Christmas ornaments! : ) Love your star ... very pretty.

Kathy said...

Ooooooo...sparkly!!! ;-) Love that tree topper, what a steal for 50 cents!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful finds, great Christmas bargains make me smile anytime of year.