Monday, October 14, 2013

What a beautiful day here in Nova Scotia.  It's the kind of day that reminds you of all the things you have to be grateful for on this Canadian Thanksgiving Day:

  • Children -- I wish they could all be here with us today.  I wish I had spent half the morning putting a huge turkey in the oven and preparing pies, etc.  I wish I could be complaining how they always have to be asked to help me even though they know the process.  But they're scattered throughout the country and are making Thanksgiving in their own way.  (I'm thankful for all those who took my kids in and fed them too much!).  So, I shall spend lots of time remembering past Thanksgivings together and thinking on what makes each of them unique and wonderful.  

  • Family -- No one in my family lives close enough to
    come and celebrate with me or I with them.  And like most families, they sometimes drive me crazy; they are each of them wacked out and weird -- good and bad -- not a "normal" one in the bunch.  But what a fantastic family I have; and what a blessing that my Mom and Dad are still alive and healthy.

  • Friends -- The ones that make you laugh; the ones that are always there to lend a hand; the ones who have the softest
    shoulders to cry on; the ones you shop with; the ones who reign you in and remind you to be smart; the ones you only see every 4-5 years yet it feels like you just left off from yesterday.  Whether you have 1 or 2 or whether you have dozens, friends truly are one of the greatest treasures in one's life.

Aging means changing.  This Thanksgiving is different from last, and that one from the previous.  Right now, there's only Elly and I at home; but thankfully Ayaka will return from her Toronto trip in time for dinner.
I'm so grateful for those 2 wonderful Asian daughters whom I've grown to love and who will celebrate today with me.  

I'm grateful for M&M Meat Shops pre-stuffed turkey breast which will go into the oven soon and will be surrounded by beautiful farm-fresh vegetables -- thank you local farmers!  And someone else's talented hands have produced the mini blueberry, apple and rhubarb tarts we'll be sharing -- thank you Boulangerie!

But in whatever way Thanksgiving Day is presented to me, I will rejoice and be glad in it.  So, while the sun is out and there are crunchy leaves to be walked through, I'll enjoy a walk around the neighborhood to count even more blessings -- job, health, home, country, sunshine, good food.  And for the opportunity to give love in return to those who love me.

It's a great day to be thankful.  And as my friend Brady says, "Each day you're able to sit up and take nourishment is a good one".

5 comments: said...

Amen blog.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We wait until next month for ours. Still every day there is something to be thankful for. Enjoy your turkey...gobble gobble

Cassie said...

happy Thanksgiving! We have beautiful sunny day here in British Columbia too. Dinner is almost done, just mom, dad, and me this year. We do have a lot to be thankful for though and never take each other forgranted.



Pamela Gordon said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving day. The weather has been so beautiful hasn't it? Enjoy the week.