Friday, October 25, 2013

The Fading Days of Autumn

This is my home town of Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

And this is the highway that runs alongside the Humber River, leading from my hometown to where my parents now live.

Look at those amazing colors!

As Anne of Green Gables said:  "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!"  

The Autumn colours in Nova Scotia look much the same as those above in NL.  (Couldn't get my copter out to capture those aerial views for you though!)  On the northeastern coast of Canada, we've had a glorious run with Autumn.  Not just with the color, but with the length of time and the vibrancy of this color-show!  With the sweet daytime temperatures; and the cool nights; and the lovely crisp mornings.  Fall 2013 has been a great one.

But as I drove to work this morning, I noticed that we in Nova Scotia are coming to the end of our color.  The trees are almost bare, the sky has become more dull; we wake with the dark, and eat dinner with it as well.  We're entering the grey, lifeless side of Autumn that no one likes -- the season of dark and rain; of snow tires and weather stripping and .................. turning on the furnace!

So what do we do to bring colour and warmth and cheer into the upcoming dull days? Well ..... 

  • We can enjoy the colour while it lasts:  get out there and walk and breathe.
  • We can take a clue from nature and begin to slow down.  Bugs and plants go into hiding; some animals hibernate; it's a natural progression.
  • We can put the basket of knitted slippers by the front door and get the woollen throws on the couch.
  • We can get in a supply of hot beverage stuff and line up this winters reading material.
  • We can begin to prepare for Christmas.  (Only 8 weeks left!)  It's a perfect time to bake and freeze; wrap gifts if you have them already, make a list if you don't; begin addressing those Xmas cards.
  •  What about your basket of sewing, mending, knitting?  The dull weather is a perfect excuse to sit and check out some of the new TV shows or watch an old movie.
  • Find your own creative, happy way to fill the days.

For some of you, Autumn is still in its colourful heyday and will be for a while.  And I know that there are some of you who won't really be affected at all by the dull, grey days that precede the cold, frosty, blustery days of winter. 

But I'm not jealous.  (Not today, anyway.)  It's my belief that there's enjoyment to be found every day, every season, no matter what the weather.      


Leslie said...

What a wonderful post! First off... Gorgeous photo of your hometown! The colors truly look amazing. I've always wanted to visit your part of the globe... Specifically Prince Edward Island (a big Anne of Green Gables fan here:)
I love your ideas of cheering up the dreary days. I have to tell you though, when you stated Christmas being only 8 wks ago I paused and thought I'd read that wrong!!!... But I didn't! I'm just surprised at how fasts it's coming. I need to start shopping ASAP!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

You live in a beautiful province!
Our colours are pretty but that image reminds me of the Laurentian's in October many holidays ago.
We are currently fogged in and so our views are rather blurry!

Marissa said...

Oh my goodness what a treat to see such beautiful colors! I can't imagine dull autumn - when our temperatures still In the upper 80s yeah that's South Texas for you..I think it's wonderful to bring color indoors to make it feel nice and cozy!! Thanks for the to do list..I need to get started with something.. Blessings Marissa~


each day is a special one, indeed. I just finished all my Xmas shopping. everything is wrapped and ready to go.

Poppy said...

What a breathtakingly beautiful land, that Newfoundland! Your photos, like so many of my fellow Canadian blogger buddies, have made me more homesick, indeed! But, I'd rather see gorgeous images of Canada than NOT, so I thank you for my fall fix of a land like no other!

I will drink my cider and dawn my wooly sweater, sit by the fire and recuperate from the heartache of missing out on such seasonal splendour!


WMM said...

Love this - I'm over in New Brunswick and are colour is pretty much gone as well, though the fall has indeed been glorious! Great ideas - I am going to follow up on some of your suggestions!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Autumn colors are magnificent there! I have officially opened Santa's workshop here at my house. Lots of busy days ahead.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I have had such a delightful visit. Here in Phoenix we do not have fall and I thank you so very much for sharing yours. Truly beautiful.

Lynn Marsh said...

Beautiful! Great ideas. Not crazy about the time left til Christmas though...

Gardeningbren said...

Those two photos were spectacular. It has been a wonderful autumn hasn't it! But sadly yes, turned the heat on and today is grey with rain in my part of Nova Scotia ((((. Thanks for the list and the sharing of great attitude. B.

Lottie said...

Beautiful photos! We are still green here in South Carolina but it was pretty COLD this morning. I love your list! I'm going to print it off and add to it when I can. Makes me look forward to winter!

Melissa said...

Autumn is my favourite season. My boyfriend is from the west coast of NL (we live on the east) and he's always telling me that one day we have to drive through the Humber valley during the Fall. The most beautiful time of year :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are lovely! Careful-- you may start a tourist rush. :)