Monday, September 15, 2014

Citrus Roasted Tofu

I'm now on week 2 of being mostly vegetarian and I must say, it's been surprisingly great.  I've had a couple of dud meals where they were fairly tasteless.  (Thank you, Siracha.) And I've craved meat once or twice (and was able to satisfy the cravings with adding a chicken breast for Nagisa and I or with adding something to my lunch.)  But Lena has been a most grateful veggie-child for all my efforts -- good or bad.

I've been the lucky recipient of 3 great new-to-me cookbooks from Value Village:  vegetarian slow cooker, a Thai and an Indian.  And I've found a number of great websites and/or blogs. But of course, with many of these dishes, you have to get your pantry stocked in order to prepare the food.  In the meantime, I experiment with what I have.

This weekend when I did my weekly cooking, I prepared a chocolate chili, a shrimp curry and my daughter's adapted beet burgers.  We all love tofu, and Saturday evening's  Citrus Roasted Tofu (Food Republic) was a huge hit.
The julienned carrot/almond side was delicious as well.

An excellent recipe.  And even if you're not a tofu lover, this one may convince you!  Give it a try.


Jennifer Connolly said...

I'm a Pescetarian, so need alternatives to eating fish all the time.
Looks good...I'll give it a shot!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thanks for your comment Jennifer. I had no idea what a Pescetarian was -- had to look it up. I guess there are quite a few Pescetarian "vegetarians" out there who also have never heard of it. I'll be featuring more tofu and paneer recipes; hope you enjoy them.


Would love the recipe for the shrimp curry too. All the dishes sound yummy.

Marissa said...

That is amazing will power!
I would love to get off meat one day I just need motivation and your dishes sure do motivate me.
I wonder though does it really taste like chicken?
And do you have to go to a specialty shop? I would probably be so confused..
have a great day.