Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Musings

It's a grey and gloomy day in LaHave; lentil soup and chewy, nutty brown rice are just the treat for work lunch.

I spent last Sunday decluttering my bedroom and doing the weekly dinner prep.  It sure is hard work at this age and with my back and shoulder issues.  But my body recouperates through the week by nights relaxing in front of the TV with a heating pad and a cuppa.

I visited a different farm market this past weekend; and I swear -- I really did forget about my no-wheat plan (it was the excitement) and purchased an absolutely worth it, delicious brioche from Julian's French Bakery. (If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember my love affairs with Julian's.)  And if you buy it, well you've gotta eat it, right. And although my sugar intake has also lessened, I did indulge in some of the delicious chocolate that arrived at the office yesterday. Keep on tryin', that's all I can do.

My experimentation with cooking this weekend took me to Thailand and India.  Last night's dinner was a Thai pork dish made with a spicy red chili paste, coconut cream, tomatoes and sliced zucchini.  I find I'm not a big fan of coconut cream; I'd prefer coconut milk. (It was the texture.)  But still, it was quite good and had enough heat to slightly warm my mouth and lips. (More chili paste next time!) It's on my "Cook Again" list.

As I finish my lunch, I'm musing over the next step in my de-clutter for this weekend:  the basement "wreck" room.  That will take a few weekends, I'm sure.  But behind all that furniture and boxes and books and stuff, there's actually a nice looking room in there wanting to be inhabited by my kids this Christmas.  And there's a new homeless shelter opening in town that will appreciate the surplus bedding and pillows.  



Good for you de-cluttering. I'm stuck in a mode here and just can't seem to do it. hearing what you accomplished might give me inspiration. Dinner sounded good, though I'm not a fan of coconut.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that when you have an incentive like your family at home for the holidays, it makes it easier to get things done. Your weekend sounds like a busy one.