Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Baubles & Jewels

I'm joining Leigh for Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville.
This post was prepared a couple of weeks ago but it was never posted. Today is the perfect time to share it.
This is the jewellery that I bought at one of the church yard sales I went to.
2 pretty necklaces for $1 each.

And all of these for $5.

Here are close-ups:

A beautiful tourquoise pendant.
Another lovely pendant.
Cute pewter hummingbird earrings.
And these nice Rhinestone studs(Sounds like someone you'd pick up at the Rodeo, huh?
But Glen Campbell is a little long in the tooth for me now!)
And now, as I ride off into the sunset (aka go to work so I can afford these lovely treasures), I bid you --
Happy Trails
and happy thrifting!


Eva Gallant said...

I love the necklaces and pendants! Great finds!

knitwit said...

Is Glen Campbell still alive?!!
Jewellery is, by far, my favourite thrifty find!

Shellbelle said...

Those pendants are gorgeous and rhinestone studs had be laughing out loud, you are so funny.

Did you sign up for my giveaway yet? Now honey, free is always thrifty!

Audra said...

When I saw you title over at Tales from Bloggeritaville's Thrifty Thursday, I had to stop by. I love, love, love jewelry, especially necklaces and you found some gorgeous pieces for a steal! Those were a frugal score to be sure.

Thanks for sharing...I hope you don't mind that I am a tiny bit envious???

Brandy said...

I love them, I get so excited when I find pretty jewelry at a great price!!

The Words Crafter said...

Fantastic finds-good for you!

Terra said...

The turquoise pendant is gorgeous, what bargains you found.

Jan LaFollette said...

Ah, yes, the Rhinestone Cowboy!

I recently discovered your blog and truly enjoy, so I am sharing this award with you at;

meyerprints said...

cherie said...

love them all! especially the hummingbird earrings :)

hummingbird earrings

Myrna Hynes said...

These are fantastic!

From the Kitchen said...

What a find! I am talking myself into become a "thrifter". I just have to find out where to go, the best time, etc. I haven't even been to Goodwill except to drop off "treasures" for smart thrifters to purchase.

Have a great weekend.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! Those are fabulous! Good job and I bet someone is crying now about donating those things to the church sale.

RainGardener said...

Ya done good girl! Great jewelry for great prices! And about those studs (ya know the ones at the rodeo?). . . LOL Too funny.

wendy said...

Nice stuff. That made me giggle...the whole Rhinestone Cowboy stuff. Stud earrings....gotta love it baby.
I love finding fun jewelry, cause even if I don't actually wear it, I find other fun things to use it for.

linda said...

Just stopping by and thought I'd leave a comment, hope you don't mind.

When I'm out thrifting, I never think to look at the jewelry. I usually head straight to the dish section. Guess I'd better change my ways as you found some great baubles and jewels! Good for you girl!