Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Time to share more thrifting purchases from last weekend and join in the fun at Bloggeritaville (

I visited 4 yard sales in total; but they were big ones. I started at about 8:20 am with the Bridgewater Baptist Church; and because of the early hour, there was no haggling -- I paid full price. Poor me!! Look at what they charged me!

The things on this table plus 3 CDs cost me $7! The waste basket is part of a set that I looked at 3 yr ago when I moved into my new house. I bought the shower curtain and toilet brush holder; but the waste basket was over $20. As you can see, I got it for $1! The glass juice dispenser was a great find at 50 cents; then after I got it home, I noticed that it was missing the little part of the spout that keeps the liquid from leaking out! Duh!! But not to worry; this weekend at the large SHAID yard sale, I'll look for another cheapie to salvage for parts.
My next yard sale stop was the St Mark's Anglican Church. They had a really nice jewellery table. (I'll share those treasures with you this weekend.)
These were my "things for the garden" finds. These cute garden stakes were $2, below that is a 50 cent set of bamboo wind chimes, and the 50 cent rubber boots which I was thinking of putting a couple of plants in. I loved the Coke/Sprite tray ($1) and the acrylic glasses and bowl ($1).

I then went to St Joseph's Catholic Church yard sale where I found 4 of the paperbacks I showed you earlier and this beautiful Scottish wool throw -- for $5!!(I also bought a box of 12 different plants for $3! How could I say no to these plants? It was $3, right? Plus it was a fund raiser for a youth trip to Italy in August. I mean, I just know that God and the Pope are happy that I did. It's like a $3 blessing; and we can all use more blessings in our lives.)
By then, it was time to stop at the Farmer's Market for an energizing French pastry and an organic coffee. Yum yum! Then, I picked up Adrianna, and we headed off to Mahone Bay to meet Winnifred at the Waldorf School and Ecole de Riv Sud (the French school) for their yard sale.
By this time, it was 11:30 am. Bargains galore! They were practically paying us to take the stuff off their hands. While Winnifred was at the Waldorf school, I filled one bag and got 3 good-sized pots of creeping phlox for $5. We joined Winnifred for a walk-round at the Waldorf Mayfair celebrations. Then back to Ecole de Riv Sud. This time, I filled another bag for $3! And as we were leaving and they were getting ready to close up shop, they let me have the remaining 6 pots of creeping phlox, 2 Johnny Jump-ups and an Iris for another $3!
I got a lot of paperbacks here and most of the CD's I showed you. I also got a brand new, never opened jig-saw puzzle and some date squares (which never made it to the photo session!!). Here's some of the booty that did get photographed.
A round tablecloth, 7 placemats and a brand new boxed bowl & knife set (Merry Xmas!) .
Here's a brand new, leather organizer on one side and a purse/wallet section on the other. There are 2 pairs of magnifying glasses for reading and a great pair of black patent leather sling-backs..
And where will I keep these new sling-backs? Why, in my under-the-bed shoe storage bag, of course! And this throw pillow was too pretty to leave behind.

Lots of good shopping and a day full of sunshine and fun!


Linda said...

Sandy I love all your finds but I am most impressed by all the plants you got for cheap!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would love to go shopping with you and finding all those wonderful buys. Hope you find the plug for your juice dispenser. I have one like that some where but it leaks so I stopped using it. I used to make sun tea in it in the summer time.

Eva Gallant said...

How will you keep finding room for all you bargain finds? Will you at some point have to have a yard sale?

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

wow...that is my kind of fun day. Love those cute little red boots. I have some boots on my front porch that I display all the time. I also found plants at last weeks flea market..way cheap and I bought tons. Hope you have another great weekend of yard saling this week. :)

reasonably chubby said...

Girl! You scored! I'm looking forward to going to some garage sales this weekend although my little cottage-by-the-bay is filled to the brim. It's much better than saying my tiny shack of a house is too small for anything else and that makes me bitter. And angry. I would never say that. :)

wendy said...

you are the QUEEN of thrift shop and yard sale finds.
it is always fun to see what you end up with

I'd mostly like the pastry and organic coffee at the Farmers market. I love farmes markets.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! What a ton of treasures. I love the juice dispenser. Hope you can get it fixed. And all those luscious plants for next to nothing!