Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yard Saling at the SHAID

I awoke to sunshine this morning. Hallelujah! By 8:50 am, I was in line for the annual SHAID animal shelter yard sale which is held at the local exhibition grounds in the arena. I was one of the first 60-80 to enter; and unfortunately I just missed the bicycle I'd been hoping to find. A purple 10 speed ladies bike with a basket on the back for $25 :(
There are a few key things you need if you want to attend this yard sale: (1) comfortable shoes; (2) a few cloth shopping bags; (3) time and patience; (4) and no fear of crowds or being stepped on. If you employ all of these, you can be guaranteed to find some wonderful bargains.
Here are mine!

  • This soup/chowder tureen for $5! I fell in love with the pretty sea motif..

  • This beautiful silver plated candle stand (which I found at the bottom of a box of junk) for 25 cents! I wanted to show you the detail in the piece. Voila! My 1st mosaic photo!.

  • These gorgeous and totally groovy glasses for $2..

  • A very pretty candy dish for 25 cents. (Found on my way OUT of the building when I "couldn't possibly carry another thing & I've spent enough money!") .

After seeing so many of you with your retro cannisters, when I came across this for 50 cents, I scooped it up. My mom used to have one just like it. (And someone even threw in the roll of aluminum foil!).
  • Beeswax candles (with bee) for 25 cents. .

  • A candle hurricane lantern for the deck at $1. .
  • I got these items for $1: a brand new parakeet garlic press, a purple collander (for my eldest daughter in NL), a collapsible cup (just like so many of our folks had in their car and/or purses in the early 60's) and this cool set of forks and steak knives..
  • And one final piece de resistance, a brand new 6" Le Creuset frying pan for $1 -- These sell online for $69.95! WOW! (I just like little iron frying pans!).
  • I found 2 more beverage containers like the glass watermelon one I bought last weekend. I bought both. The aqua plastic one came first for 50 cents; then I saw the black glass one for $1. I'm hoping I can use the do-dad from one of those to fix the red one because I still like that one best. .

    I bought a few more "new-to-me" perennials for the garden, dropped by for my weekly French pastry fix, and spent a relaxing few hours visiting a friend before heading home in the rain.


    A fun Saturday!


    I'm joining LINDA at Coastal Charm on Tuesday for her Nifty Thrifty Tuesday! Check out the fun over there.


    I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

    You are a true shopper and did just great. You'll have to let us know if the stopper thingy works.

    Eva Gallant said...

    Wow! Some excellent finds there. Especially the frying pan!

    Toronto Yardsaler said...

    So many great finds. I have a similar paper towel/tin foil rack. I'd love to know what decade it's from.
    Keep on thriftin'

    Linda said...

    Lots of very good finds today! I really love the glasses, what a cool pattern. The soup tureen is very nice, I can see that with chowder! I guess the little pan is your best buy! Great finds and sounds like a fun day!

    DUTA said...

    No doubt, you're very good at it, finding bargains I mean. I especially like the beeswax candles and the frying pan.

    Though, I wouldn't be comfortable entering a place with such a name. 'Shahid' is the arabic word for martyr, used a lot in terrorism. The word 'shahid' honors those who kill for Islam.

    Marie said...

    Another fab day of wonderful finds Sandy! You amaze me each week with what you discover! xxoo

    Liane said...

    Wow! I'm trying to visualize how you could have possibly carried ALL of those great finds! I love the frying pan and the forks/knives....
    you found some very unique things and I'm glad you had a blast!

    Suburban Princess said...

    WOW! The lantern is awesome! Are you going to paint it or leave it as is?

    Will you show us more pics of the tin foil thing? Please :O)

    Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

    Toronto Yardsaler - It's probably early 60's as that's when my Mom had hers.

    Duta - The letters are S.H.A.I.D. and stand for Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress.

    Liane - I made one trip out to the car (which was parked nearby) and came back to finish my search.


    Wow those are great finds. I especially love the retro glasses and forks and knives.

    Angela said...

    Oh someone who adores yard sales also. I have the exact same canister as you, the steel one. I got mine ages ago from my grandparents home when they sold it.

    Wonderful to 'meet' another Canadian

    Jennifer said...

    Love the groovy glasses!

    Isaac said...

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    The Real Me! said...

    Dang girl. You found yourself some treasures didn't you? I really need to start going again. But I think I'll put all the stuff in these boxes away first just to make sure I have room for more. LOL!