Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween on my Street

When we lived downriver in a rural area, we used to get 8-10 kids on Halloween night. When we moved into town the first year, we anticipated a deluge of little goblins; we had 12 (and I was left with a lot of treats -- which were quickly applied directly to my abdomen and bum!) Next year we had 16.
This year, we had 28; and the last little blighters received granola bars! I felt terrible. #1 What kid wants granola bars when their mouths are set for chips or candy. #2 I ate 2 mini Mr Bigs while I was waiting for the little 'uns!
Ah, but thankfully, no tricks were played on me. Here are some of the cuties that came to my door. I loved the "tree" with the birds nest.
Of course, running out of goodies means that I don't have the awful responsibility of finishing off any of those nasty mini bars or bags of Skittles! (Drat! That means I'll have to visit the stores for their 50% off!)
Hope your Halloween was enjoyable.


Anita said...

What fun costumes! We didnt get any trick-or-treaters this year. Thankfully, I only bought one bag of candy this year!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We had 47 kids, up slightly from last year. The weather was great so that's probably why.

Gail said...

I am so far from civilization, Halloween did not come at all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had around 50 but that was less than usual. Glad you had a great Halloween there.

Eva Gallant said...

We got about 30 this year, which was more than usual too. I wish I'd thought to take photos!

Traveler said...

Neat costumes! I learned my lesson from the 1st yr here. I bought 7 bags (based on our old house and trick-or-treaters that showed)Not one kid!!
Not good for the waistline, thats all I'm saying!!

Nezzy said...

I was prepared with my favorite candy bars, turned the outside lights on and nit, zero, zip this year.

My all~time record is eight and now I am left favorite candy.

Oh the trials and tribulations of livin' smack in the middle of nowhere!


God bless ya and have the most magnificent Monday sweetie!!!

wendy said...

We don't get any trick or treaters down our country road.
So no treats in the house to taunt me
So we decided to go for a drive and check out some halloween decorations in the city.........AND GOT A SPEEDING TICKET

Garden of Egan said...

That's not very many trick or treaters. I sorta am glad Halloween is over. Am I bad?

Cute costumes!