Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is there an Award for Neglecting your Bloggie Friends?

Cause if there was, I'd get that one too!
As most of you probably know, I sometimes don't follow the rules; especially when it comes to Blog Awards. I don't pass them on. BUT I do appreciate them; very much! Not that you could tell lately.
So, while I acknowledge my blogging buddies who think of me enough to send me an award, let me also apologize for being negligent for so long. I am sorry.
And now, let's highlight these lovely awards and these wonderful bloggers.

. This past Tuesday, Debra at gave me this wonderful "Happy 101" Award -- just in time for my birthday! Thank you Debra.



In early June, I received this "Versatile Blogger" award from Jan at Thank you Jan..


And in July, The Wanderer from sent me "The Bloom of an Idea" award for my "openess, honesty and encouragement". Thank you so much Wanderer.

The requirement for acceptance of these awards is basically the same for each of them: l
ist 10 things that make me happy. Easy! And because there's much more than just 10, I'll choose some seasonal "happy-makers".

1. Sunny, crisp autumn mornings - even if I have to be inside at work
2. Raking the autumn leaves
3. Feeling stretched and lithe after exercise class (and anticipation of the lunch that is to follow)
4. My children - including my borrowed ones
5. Old Fashioned Gravenstein apples (only available for a limited time!)
6. Walking in the fresh air
7. Hearty lentil soups (w/ sausage, tomatoes & noodles -- what I had Tues night for supper)
8. Apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
9. Hanging out with my friends - dancing with Winnifred, lunch with Lucy, art shows with Diana, laughing with Laura
10. Blogging and getting inspiration, encouragement, laughter, etc from YOUR blogs

And now comes the time that I get to pass this award on to other bloggers. I never want to put people on the spot by insisting that they accept and take part in an award. So, without any obligation, I want you all to help yourself to any or all of these blogs.

And I do hope you'll post what makes you happy! Your "happy-makers" can sometimes remind forgetful old me of other things that I appreciate and give me ideas for future blogs.



knitwit said...

Congrats on all your awards! I love your autumn happy list. It's my favourite time of year!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ten great things that make you happy! How nice to read about them. I am terrible about bloggy awards. Glad you did this one!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday!

It's hard to keep up with blogging. The people who are able to do it daily just boggle my mind!

High Heeled Life said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the wonderful awards... they are such fun!!! Happy (early)Thanksgiving .. as we are traveling south for the week-end.. HHL

Eva Gallant said...

Happy Birthday and I love your happy list!

The Words Crafter said...

Thank you, thank you!!! I am sooo glad I'm not the only person who forgets to give out awards! At least you remembered who gave yours to you! I had a list and lost it....grrrr.

Congrats on the awards and have a fantastic end of the week/weekend!

GardenofDaisies said...

Those are all good and happy things!
Don't worry, we all have times when we can't spend as much time as we would like with our bloggy friends. I think we all understand, no apology necessary.