Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Oct 28.10

Have you noticed? I haven't been thrifting lately!
Are you impressed? Are you amazed by my self-discipline? (Asks the woman who already ate one bag of the "Girls! Get away from there and don't Touch!" Halloween treats.)
I hadn't gone thrifting for myself for over a month. I've picked up some great buys for others for Xmas (but I can't show you because they might be reading and watching! Shhhhh!) But last Friday, I bought a couple of treats for myself.
I found this pretty 3-quarter sleeve red blouse ($3.50); it has a twist detail just at the bust which is sewn, yet it has buttons below. Different huh! But it's comfy and fits well.
I also found this cute short-sleeved, ruffle front shirt in a pretty teal color ($3.50). When I hung it in my closet, I noticed these pants that I thrifted last winter. Perfect match!
And I confess that I still can't visit Frenchies without checking out the dishes bin. I stopped there just as one of the workers was re-stocking it, and I found this lovely glass pumpkin. Not quite big enough for a full-sized cookie jar, but it might be just the size for a few treats scavenged from the girls after their night of trick or treating. (Perhaps a few bite sized chocolate bars and ALL the rolls of Rockets they've received? Yeah, the perfect size for those items! )
Drop by Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville for more wonderful Thrifty Thursday finds.


Traveler said...

I love strolling through thrift shops. Nothing beats finding a treasure you didn't know you were searching for!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You really do find the nicest things at such great prices there. I'd find it hard to stay away from that place. It may be a good thing we don't have one close by. There is so much stuff here at my house I haven't even emptied all the bins I have with fall decorations in them this year. I've reached a point where less is more. I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Eva Gallant said...

Great finds!

Nezzy said...

OMGoodness glory, I love, I repeat...I love that beautiful red blouse. What a fashion steel girl.

You always find the best stuff and yep, I sure did notice the lack of the Thrift Queen's adventures but I knew your plate has been full and runnin' over.

God bless ya and have a super great day sweetie!!!

Elaine said...

It makes one feel so happy when they buy an item that complments one they already have.

I love going to thrift stores..
It is a favorite hobby of mine.
My kids shake their heads because they know they will have to get rid of my treasure when I am gone...but not for awhile.

Hope you'll stop by and say hello to another who loves a bargin.
Have a safe weekend