Thursday, November 26, 2009


To all my wonderful American friends:


I would eat turkey with you if I could; my mouth is watering at the mere thought of it. Alas, as a Canadian, I did that last month and must wait until December 25th to do it again.

But I'll be thinking of you all and what blessings you are to me.
I wish you all a glorious feast, a day filled with love and family. And may you take many moments to be remember and be thankful for the joys and blessings of this life that God has given each of you.


The Garden of Egan said...

Thank you for the Thanksgiving Greetings and wishes. I'll be thinking of you as I stuff my face!

Dimple said...

Thanks for the good wishes!
I baked fruitcake today; it came out very dark and heavy, just like it's supposed to! I stole two thin slices from one loaf, they were good! They were also enough! Very rich, indeed. Thanks for the recipe!

lynn'sgarden said...

Thanks, Sandy! Hey, you don't need a specific day to enjoy turkey...we're having such a big gathering today that I'll cook another turkey on Sunday and then mid December when more company arrives ;)
Have a great day whatever you're doing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. Now we'll be working hard to get ready for Christmas here...

RainGardener said...

Thanks Sandy - we'll be thinking of all our Canadian friends as we enjoy our day. Like Lynn said you can do it anytime - we will be having another one also in between the 2 holidays as today the family couldn't get together.