Monday, November 9, 2009


When a gal is surrounded by flu bugs & dirty tissues & empty apple juice containers...... When the sounds that ring through her house are hacking & coughing & snorting and sniffing ..... When she's spent most of her time at home feeling hot foreheads & cooking pots of soup & fetching extra blankies .... Then a gal needs a break!


So, what does a gal do? She goes thrifting!!!


There was a wonderful yard sale this past Saturday in Lunenburg. I was a smart little cookie and got there just after they opened; and I wasn't disappointed. Here are my finds:

I paid $2 for this pretty plate (made in Japan)
The 2 Newfoundland highball glasses were $1 total
The necklaces were $3 (silver) & $2 pearl

Candleholder $2 & the friendship plaque AND brand new, genuine leather change purse 25 cents each!

CD's $2 each

This beautiful cup & saucer was only $2!

They had a wonderful selection of art, framed & unframed. I couldn't resist getting a couple of pieces. This watercolor was $1
and this one was 50 cents
This was also 25 cents
But the "piece de resistance" was this purchase.
It's a complete hand-made double-sized quilt top in Dresden Plate pattern. It even has the strips to finish the sides when you attach it to the backing.
And I paid a huge $10 for it! Can you believe it!
(What you see on the white is not dirt; it's the pattern on my bedspread peeping through.)
There were lots of people walking around with bargains that I'd missed and wished I hadn't!! But here's one that I snagged and they didn't get. And I'm thrilled about it!
And, seeing I was in Lunenburg, I then visited the new Frenchies that opened that day. I found a few nice items including a brand new Tommy Hilfiger bathrobe for $3.50 (Xmas gift for one of my girlies)!
I was feeling so satisfied with myself!
I woulda high-fived myself and smacked my own boodie!
But instead I bought myself a tall, frothy, foamy hot chocolate to drink on the way home! And I sang along with the oldies station really, really loud and boogied down as much as possible -- while driving and being 55 years old and white!
Sing along with me now ...
Because I'm Bad, I'm Bad - Come On
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad - You Know It
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)


Chris said...

Holy cow, what a haul! Were they smokin' something? They let that quilt top go for $10?

I'd love to go thrifting & drinking (hot chocolate) with you!

Saranne said...

OK, you've convinced me....I need to start thrifting (and sipping hot chocolate)!

ethelmaepotter! said...

You must be the Yard Sale Queen! I love the cup and saucer; one of the prettiest I've ever seen, and that last framed picture - beautiful. I love thrift store and yard sale shopping for frames; I once got a $250 frame for $10, simply because the picture in it was 80's outdated and UGLY. I worked hard to get that picture out, and took the empty frame and a favorite print to JoAnn Fabrics, where the lady at the framing counter put it in and installed professional backing...for $10!
Congratulations on a shopping spree well done!

Marie said...

Oh what a bunch of lovely treasures you got Sandy! I think the tea cup and saucer are my favs. I collect tea cups and so I always love them most of all. Oh, how I wish I was within driving distance of Lunenburg, one of my favourite places to go!!

Madame Sucre said...

love love love the teacup!! I have a collection of 6 or so antique teacups that I displayed and used last night for my friend's babyshower.. the guests adored them!!

you have a beautiful collection of finds from the market!! :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your thrifty finds just keep getting better and better. You are good, really good at finding those treasure so cheaply. Shopping like that could never be bad. Hope you are staying healthy

Nezzy said...

Yes Miss Thrifty Queen, healer of the sick and hormonal and lover of Christmas...Woohoo...ya done went and hit the jackpot!

I'm still here stuck on the Ponderosa with the Strongbacks(very hungry harvesting crew). Hopefully today we will finish the soybeans and Mama gets new cash flow. The Grandkids better slap a smile on there face 'cause Grandma Nezzie is goin' shppin!!!!

Have a wonderful day and you certainly found the jackpot!!!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Wow you did get some really goos finds! I love, love, love the cup and saucer and the quilt!

Rebecca said...

Incredible! That quilt top - wow! And your pictures....I can RARELY resist books and pieces of original art.

Darla said...

I'll high five ya! Great finds for you~~~

Sara said...

Sounds like a great sale! I was planning to go, but we had to go into Halifax instead.
Lovely finds!!

A human kind of human said...

The quilt is beautiful and I love Charlotte Church. Congratulations with all your bargains.

Anita said...

Whoa! You sure found some wonderful bargains there! I can't get over that quilt top for only $10! I need to go thrifting with you sometime! Canada here I come(and oh yeah I make some killer home-made hot chocolate)! Hope you have a great week!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love your blog! And your sense of humor. I was happy to enter you in my give-away. I dropped your name right in that old Santa hat. I can't believe you snared that fabulous quilt top for $10.00. What a find! And I have always loved that pattern. Have a super great day!