Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last Thursday while our American friends were eating turkey and pumpkin pie, my dear old friend Clara and I were dining on barley and/or split pea soup, a selection of sandwiches, tea and the desert(s) of our choice. (Here's Clara last Xmas at my house!)

We went to the Xmas Tea and Sale at St Joseph's. I love attending the local church or fire hall tea and sales. You always get great home cooking at great prices as well as what I like to call "Little Granny Crafts" -- you know, home knitted mittens and scarves, crocheted dish cloths and yummy breads and cookies. When the children were younger, I couldn't attend these things because of time and money. But since I've moved into town, I try to support as many as possible.

Here are the ladies at the craft & bake table. Good bargains here!

Sorry! We were hungry; so by the time I got my camera out, lunch was half gone!


I bought some goodies from the bake table to take home for the girls.
And I picked up these goodies from the flea market table. Look at those prices!
More vintage ornaments for me. And I got 6 of these desert dishes; some years ago, Arby's would let you buy one of these for $1 with your purchase of a meal. I have 7 wine glasses at home and 3 desert dishes; it was nice to find some more.

A very nice cookbook for $1.75 and a pair of mittens for my little Mexican student for $3. (She's going to need them in January/February!)

You may think that I suffer from the sin of thrift-gluttony! (And you may be correct!) And you may also think that I'm going to need to build an extra shed for the loot I keep picking up lately! But you should know that many of my thrift finds don't stay with me; they get passed on as gifts to friends and family.
I'm fortunate in that they love receiving the treasures I find; and I certainly love finding them. So, it's a happy marriage!


Dimple said...

When I saw that jar, I thought it was a cookie jar. But then the spoon would be gigantic! So I guess the jar is for something else--jam or honey, maybe?
Anyway, I think both the jar and the spoon are beautiful, and the price can't be beat!

Suburban Princess said...

Thrift gluttony! I love it!

For my black table cloth - any size will do - they are so hard to find so I am willing to work with anything I can get! Top price 20.00-30.00 but use your best judgement if you see something :O) Thanks bunches!

Sara said...

I bet your friends & family love to receive your gifts! My sister used to give me a box of thrifted finds every Christmas...always my favourite gift to receive.

bear said...

I love craft fairs and "teas" The spirit there is so warm and inviting. always good food. AND you always, always find such fun things.

wendy said...

Um, that comment above signed bear ---THAT WAS ME. My hubby was signed in and I didn't know it.
so hello again

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the homemade crafts and last Friday I bought some of those precious commodities for the new babies in my family too! those are the best kind of gifts in my book.

I also found a lovely old antique - 20 dollars for a Christmas gift too. I can't show pictures yet though as they may be seen on my blog.

You are definitely my kind of shopper

A human kind of human said...

By the time you were writing the second last paragraph, you must have had me in mind. As I was reading, I was wondering what you do with all your treasures and there you answered the question before I could ask.

knitwit said...

It's okay! I'm a thrift glutton too! That sugar jar is too cute--and what a price!!

Terra said...

I love that you buy and then share which is great fun and a spiritual lift. You show some lovely purchases here.

Cherie said...

I was thinking as I was reading that you are truly "The Thrift Queen Extraordinaire!" and then I read your last paragraph and laughed!
Glad you had such a fun time - it looks wonderful!

The Garden of Egan said...

I LOVED those Arby's glasses! I had about a dozen of them years ago. LOVED LOVED LOVED! They have long since gone the way of all glassware at this house, but seeing them in your picture made me happy inside!

Love your vintage finds. Beautiful!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Mmmmmmmm.......I have thrift gluttony too! But, isn't it fun?

Lovely bargains.

Warm blessings,

ethelmaepotter! said...

The mitten jar is fabulous, and what a price!
The Arby's dessert glasses - I had the drinking glasses and goblets, but I don't remember the dessert glasses being available here. Those were the days, weren't they - when you could glorify your Christmas table with delicate cheap glassware from a roast beef sandwich enterprise?
I regretfully missed this year the big fundraiser auction, craft and rummage sale at the private school where my son teaches. You would adore it - it's an all day long event, with craft and bake sale tables set up along the sides of the gym, and loooooong tables in the middle, the items on which are available at silent auction sale. Every fifteen minutes an auction ends, a table is wiped clean and replenished with fresh goods, and you have approximately one hour until the auction for that table begins again. And at the end of the day, any items which have not sold are put out again and offered for whatever anyone is willing to pay, no minimum price! By that time, most of the patrons have moved on to the big auction in the cafeteria, where things like a car and boat and country club memberships are offered (no, thank you!) so the pickin's in the silent auction barn are incredibly easy! I think last year I must have bought enough STUFF that I surely paid at least half of some child's tuition...which may explain why my husband "forgot" to remind me of this year's sale!