Monday, April 5, 2010

Eating a Balanced Diet at Work

I always try to eat balanced meals, even when I'm at work. The day after Easter is no exception to this rule.


Today for my mid-morning snack, I balanced the sugar free jello (& the spoon) in one hand and then added Cadbury eggs to the other hand until an equal weight was found. I ate them. *
There were 6 eggs left over. I balanced 3 in one hand, and 3 in the other. I ate them.
Afterwards, the balance of bloatedness was equal to lethargy.
And the balance of wishing I hadn't was equal to the groaning heard throughout my office.
Oddly enough, after all that balancing, I do believe my balance of my weight this week is unequal to my weight last week! Go figure!
(Hmmmm! This reminds me of Red Hots, Licorice and a blue Hershey Kiss.)
Man! That's it for me trying to eat balanced meals!


Barbara said...

Hey, I just ate something healthy - Milk Duds. They have milk in them!!

Nezzy said...

Do chocolate chips count???? I did run like the wind yesterday chasin' down an escape donkey! Balance....maybe.

Have a blessed day friend!

Eva Gallant said...

You totally cracked me up with that one! lol That was priceless! Now I know how to make sure I have a balanced diet! lol

Barb said...

Great! I like the way you balance your meals. A woman after my own heart.

Annie Joy said...

After three days of watching what I eat and counting calories, I ate a bowl of Easter peanuts M&M's last night. I balanced it on my lap while watching tv. Balanced eating needs to happen at home, too!
p.s. I just found your blog and really like the idea of aging disgracefully. I think I'm on my way!

Maureen said...

Haha! Crazy Canuck!

P.S. It takes one to know one!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always try to eat a balanced diet too! Isn't chocolate wonderful?

becky said...

just popped over from "at the farm," and have to say I found this post HILARIOUS! it's nice to know i'm not the only one that eats in such a "balanced" fashion! & no, i did not eat ben & jerry's for dinner tonight... well, ok, maybe that's not entirely true :)!

A human kind of human said...

This is so funny... and so familiar. I also love balanced meals... and Cadbury.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Love this kind of balanced meal!